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We all love a bit of social media, but would you tell the digital world your engagement news before your friends and family?

In a world where social media dominates almost every aspect of our lives, surely an engagement remains sacred territory? Sure, we all want to share the happy news with our following on social channels, but isn’t it proper etiquette to at least let our nearest and dearest know the news in person – or perhaps over a telephone call – before blasting a perfectly-posed ring shot into cyber space?

Alas, for almost half of British couples it seems not – new research by jewellery insurance provider Protect Your Bubble has revealed that 4 in 10 newly-engaged couples take to social media with an engagement selfie before they’ve even told friends and family. A quarter confess that social media would come before even telling their own parents.

Many couples are thinking ahead; 60% admit to planning their own engagement in advance, telling their partner what their dream proposal would look like. And if the setting isn’t quite perfect, a fifth would turn down the proposal, with 29% believing the location for the engagement is more important than the ring itself – which, on average, is worth £715.

If they thought an engagement was imminent, 46% would get a manicure, and nearly a third of 16-24 year olds would be disappointed if their engagement post got less than 50 likes. Even if they were expecting it, nearly half questioned would surprise at the crucial moment. And, although 34% would hate to be proposed to in public, they’d have no problem sharing it with their friends on the likes of Facebook and Instagram.

As social media gains more precedence for a 21st century engagement, it seems that other time-old traditions are waning. Six in 10 wouldn’t bother asking permission from parents before popping the question.

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