Has he just proposed? Have you just said yes? Well then, these thoughts and feelings might sound familiar to you guys and all other newly engaged couples – don’t deny it!

We’re pretty grown up now…

Admit it, when he asked you to marry him and you said ‘yes’, you felt pretty grown up (after the squealing with excitement was over). You can’t help but look back on how you pictured this moment, and when you first met him or her. You’re getting married: mar-ried! That’s a huge moment in anyone’s life.

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Facebook status

Once you’re officially engaged, then comes the time to update the Facebook status. But wait – before you go from ‘In a relationship’ to ‘Engaged’, you need to ring the important people first! We doubt your mum will be very impressed to discover that she’s found out after your second cousin twice removed that you’re getting married. Big no no! But updating it is always a good, and easy way to help make sure you’ve not forgotten to tell anyone.

YES, we’ve got so many likes

Here’s where all the likes come in, and both of you have got to admit – you’re feeling pretty popular right now. Your relationship status got tons of likes, and don’t even get us started on your Relfie (relationship/ring selfie) on Instagram…

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Perfecting the proposal story

Especially when you’re newly engaged, you’re going to have to tell your proposal story again and again and again and again, and again. Like, so many times. You’ll start to get a bit of a pro at story telling in fact – you’ll learn how to impress the crowd, get the ‘Aww‘s and ‘Ahh‘s you want, and maybe even embellish it here and there. Who will ever know that it wasn’t the real Elvis that serenaded you after your new h2b proposed? And no one will blink an eyelid at the mention of that unicorn…

Do we get presents?

Any excuse to compile a huge list of presents you want, and then to be, only slightly, disappointed when your postbox is filling up with vouchers for house and homeware shops and you suddenly become the owners of four toasters. But then you realise that his request of a new Xbox and yours of a pair of Jimmy Choos may not be that practical for a soon-to-be married couple.

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PDA on the up

When you’re just engaged, just married, or just honeymooned, PDA seems to be more acceptable. It’s all part of the ‘I’m getting married’ excuse. After becoming officially engaged, your public displays of affection are well and truly on the up. Whereas before you didn’t even like holding hands in public, you’re all over each other now and don’t even care. Plus, you’re reeling in all the Facebook and Instagram likes for your ring selfies, so why stop now?

Third wheeling

All this lovey-dovey stuff might mean that you’re too loved up to realise that your friends might be missing you a little bit. And the way you deal with that? Invite them over… to third wheel! Don’t deny it, you know you’re guilty! Whilst it’s not okay to make your besties third wheel all the time, it’s fair enough to say that when you’re newly engaged, it’s a prime time in your romantic relationship so it’s (kinda) allowed. But beware!

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If someone asks about babies again…

One of the many questions that newly engaged couples are bound to hear: babies. “Kids next?”, or “When do you think you’ll start thinking about children” are two very annoying phrases for two people that aren’t planning on having children for a while after there wedding. You’ve got a wedding to plan first, and to be honest, you’re questioning whether you can even handle having a dog right now.

Hen/stag party excitement!

Is it bad that one of the first things you want to plan is the hen and stag, and not the actual wedding? Don’t worry, it’s quite common. Especially when the first thing that every single one of the groom-to-be’s friends say is “what are we doing for the stag weekend?”. They fuel the excitement! It’s all part of the process after all. Not sure what you fancy getting up to for your last night of freedom? Well, we’ve got a whole alphabet of hen and stag party ideas that we think you’re gonna love!

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Other engagements?

Other people getting engaged? Pffft. ‘They didn’t get as many likes as us on Facebook‘ or ‘Our proposal story was more original‘, you’ll hear yourself say. But before you get completely taken over with envy, remember every couple is different, every engagement is different and every wedding will be different. You’ve just got to focus on how you’re going to make your big day one to remember for your family and friends!

Can we just watch Netflix instead?

Wedding planning is tiring! Netflix?