How they met

“I felt a bit giddy actually – I was a bit tipsy in our local wine bar!” remembers Emma. “We went out on a (sober!) date a week after we first met. That was seven years ago now,” remembers Emma.

The proposal

“It was Christmas day 2010 – my favourite time of year,” recalls Emma. “We always like to keep one big present each to open last, and when I got around to opening mine I turned round to see Ciaran down on one knee in front of the Christmas tree! It was so magical and beautiful, with the twinkling lights in the background and the Champagne already open,” she smiles. That sounds just about perfect to us!

The bride’s outfit

“I had no idea a wedding dress could make you feel so special – but I felt INCREDIBLE!” beams our very excitable bride. “It was a very magical moment, and I was so glad I had my mum with me to share the experience,” she adds. Her stunning strapless gown was ‘Dabra D’ in the Blue by Enzoani collection.

The groom’s outfit

Ciaran hired his grey morning suit from Mia Sposa in Birmingham and looked every inch the classic groom – choose this look for your man if you want a timeless look in your photos.

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The bridesmaids

Emma was joined down the aisle by three gorgeous bridesmaids and four oh-so-cute flowergirls. Their outfits all came from Bride and Groom in Bromley. We love the fact that she chose different necklines to flatter her girls’ figures, too – top marks!

The ceremony

“Our ceremony was so perfect,” smiles Emma. “I walked in to Here Comes The Sun while my flowergirls scattered petals down the aisle. My dad walked with me, and I could not have been prouder. I just remember seeing everyone’s smiling faces and they all looked so genuinely happy.”  Packington-Moor-Daffodil-Waves-Photography-Emma-&-Ciaran164

The reception

The couple’s whole wedding took place at Packington Moor. Penny Coleshill created all the beautiful blooms and the bride and groom did a lot of the decorative items themselves. “We bought bunting from Cotton and Roses, used Yankee Wedding Day candles and placed old soda bottles around the bar, which were filled with flowers. To be honest, though, the venue was so perfect for us we didn’t need to add too much,” explains Emma. For a twist on tradition the couple also left out a tower of Krispy Kreme doughnuts that guests could help themselves to. Yum yum!

The honeymoon

Emma and Ciaran had a wonderful honeymoon at the Riu Palace in Aruba, famous for its white-sand beaches, cooling trade winds and friendly locals – the perfect Caribbean getaway.

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