How they met

“I first met David over 24 years ago when we were a sixth form college together. We have been just friends for nearly 22 of those years before we became a couple,” explains Rebecca. “Ours isn’t a conventional romance, I have been married before and it is only after so many years of being friends that we became an item.”

The proposal

“The proposal happened the day before my birthday, on a quiet walk in the New Forest,” remembers Rebecca. “He asked me how I
felt about turning 40 the next day and having a boyfriend, which we laughed about because there just isn’t a good word for boyfriend when you’re nearly 40. David then went on to ask me how I’d feel being 40 and having a husband instead? I said ‘yes’ and not just because it sounded better!” she laughs.

The bride’s outfit

“Honestly, up until the wedding day, I wasn’t sure about my gown,” says Rebecca. “It had been a slightly panicked buy because lots of shops were telling me I’d left it too late (I started shopping about seven months before the date). I loved it as a dress in its own right, because it is such an iconic and classic shape, but on me, I felt self- conscious and wondered if I would regret not opting for a more ‘bridal’ dress. However, one of my amazing friends saw the potential in it and persuaded me to stick with it. The shop had an amazing seamstress, too, who was able to make it fit more comfortably and as soon as it was fitted, I fell in love with it. It is now one of my most treasured possessions,” she says.  IMG-307

The groom’s outfit

Groom David found his outfit at Hackett, Grenson and Jack Spade. “He looked very handsome and happy,” recalls Rebecca.

The bridesmaids

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“I had a large assortment! My two daughters were ‘official’ bridesmaids but I also had three very close friends who were unofficially my best women, together with their daughters as flowergirls. I also included my niece and godson and David’s god daughter. Basically if you were attending the wedding and were under 12, you were in the bridal gang!” laughs Rebecca.

The ceremony

For music, all the bridesmaids walked in to Audrey Hepburn singing Moon River and Rebecca walked in to Nick Drake’s Horn because Moon River turned out to be very short and they thought they needed something long enough to get them all in! “It wasn’t a choreographed entrance with the children by any means! Watching them from behind, it was more like a three-legged race on sports day – they bundled rather than glided down the aisle!” laughs Rebecca.

The flowers

“Amy from Wookie Flowers (also one half of Wookie Photography) did all our flowers and we couldn’t have been happier with them,” beams Rebecca. “I wanted flowers that looked and felt a bit old-fashioned and we worked with what was in season. I just gave Amy an idea of the colours and types of flowers I wanted, and she did amazing things with them – I was delighted,” she adds.  IMG-398

The reception

“We felt very passionately about our responsibility to look after our guests, all of whom had spent time and money in celebrating the day with us. So, we chose the menu with the biggest chance of pleasing the largest portion of people,” says Rebecca.

The cake

“We weren’t going to have a cake but two of our friends offered to make one as a wedding present. We gave them free reign and they arrived on the day with a delicious fruit cake, which went down a storm (people do like fruit cake!). We also bought some macaroons because David and some other guests aren’t able to eat gluten,” explains Rebecca.  IMG-390

The details

The venue was already so beautiful, Rebecca and David opted to just have seasonal flowers in the ballroom with tealight candles dotted about the various rooms. For tealight holders similar to those at Rebecca and David’s wedding, why not visit the Wedding Ideas Shop?

The honeymoon

“We stayed an extra night at the George and then went for two nights at Limewood Spa in the New Forest. We’ll be able to have a proper honeymoon in about 12 years when the kids leave home!” laughs Rebecca.

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