We love to anticipate celebrity engagements… so who’s still single? Let’s take a look at 2013′s most eligible bachelors!

Prince Harry

With rugged good looks, a wicked sense of humour and that uniform, Prince Harry has to be number one on anyone’s list.

Let’s hope, at least, that he settles down with someone we approve of. Someone like Kate Middleton, but with a naughty side.

George Lamb

George is currently still single, but it surely won’t be long until he gets snapped up, so we have high hopes for single ladies out there in 2013.

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He claims to like “funny girls” best. That narrows it down then….

Mat Horne

Another comedian, actor, TV presenter who gets us hot under the collar. He also comes quite near the top of the list based on the fact that he has some very cool friends. We’re thinking James Corden here.

He also likes to cook and quotes ‘beetroot risotto’ as a bit of a favourite. Hmm, reaches for Google.

Robert Pattinson

Hmm. Will he, won’t he? Will they, won’t they? The K-Patz machine cogs will continue to turn, and we’ll continue to keep one eye on the situation.

Once cynical eye, that is. We still think it might be time to move on.

Sam Branson

The son of Richard Branson, who just happens to own a private Caribbean island – for starters – indicated that they might be getting wed soon when he apparently proposed to his girlfriend of seven years Isabella Calthorpe in Madagascar this year.

Dizzee Rascal

If he has got a girlfriend, he keeps her well under wraps.

Since suffering a terrible tragedy when his girlfriend Kaya Bousquet was killed in a crash in 2008, we have high hopes that Dizz will have his heart healed by meeting someone amazing in 2013.

Johnny Borrell

With a few high profile girlfriends under his belt (not literally), we always hold out hope for an A-list weddings for Johnny, the lead singer of Razorlight.

If he’s good enough for Kirsten Dunst, then surely a long line of suitors lies in wait.


Jenson Button

He’s the most gorgeous thing to grace the F1 track in recent years!

Good looking, charming and seriously rich, Jenson has been happily dating Japanese model Jessica Michibata for some years, which is why we hold out very high hopes for a high profile wedding very soon.

Do you agree with our top picks for the most eligible celebrity bachelors? Who do you think should be included? Let us know in the comments below…