I love marriage and weddings- hence the day job. I love the traditions involved, the romance, the journey. I’m fortunate enough to get to write about it every day. However, these days I’m even more invested and more zealous than ever. Following a whirlwind evening in West London last October, my boyfriend (Z) popped the question. Hence the introduction of My Wedding Diary and the detailed countdown to the big day.

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My Wedding Diary: The Nine-month Countdown

It’s not often one of our small team gets engaged, or married for that reason. So to put in to practice what we preach, I’ll be documenting everything and offering some ‘real bride’ insight into my journey to the aisle.

Let me bring you up to speed

If you, like me, have always thought you would one day get married, the proposal may have crossed your mind. If you’re in a relationship, it’s a natural order to think about the future and make exciting life plans. Whilst the thought may have crossed your mind, nothing really prepares you for it. There’s no other moment like it in life. Maybe winning the lottery (Let’s be realistic).

You may be a cryer or a screamer, you may awkwardly laugh or be stunned into silence. There’s no telling how you’ll react. Our engagement was a really private and amazing moment one without crowds or awkward applause (I’m an awkward laugher so this wouldn’t work for me). Special and unforgettable- how every engagement should be.

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kelly's engagement ring My Wedding Diary: The Nine-month Countdown

So how do you follow such a monumental moment? With lots of phone calls and multiple glasses of Bollinger, obviously.

What also followed was a state of complacency. Working on one of Britain’s leading wedding titles has lured me into a false sense of security. I think I know a lot about weddings, so much so I calmly thought the planning would be a doddle. Like everything would fall into place. I confidently thought Z could sit back comfortably and watch me bring our ideas to life without breaking a sweat.

Safe to say a few phone calls, emails and venue visits threw that confidence straight out of the window. Queue some great friends and multiple wedding diaries/ planners and we’re on top of it, it’s rolling, slowing but surely.

Now for the dress shopping…


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