Eco-wedding: 5 Steps To Save £££ And The Environment

As we become more and more conscious of our impact on the planet, bringing eco-friendly practices into life and more frivolous occasions has become almost essential. But saying ‘I do’ to a green wedding doesn’t have to be a burden on the big day – and it doesn’t have to cost the earth, either. As the market for eco-friendly weddings continues to blossom, the organic beauty experts at Herbfarmacy take a look at how you, too, can organise an unforgettable wedding day that doesn’t impact on the environment.


Whether you’re planning a large ceremony or an intimate gathering, choosing the right venue for the occasion is often one of the trickiest parts. But if you’re focusing on eco-friendly, it pays to keep it simple. Outdoor ceremonies are undoubtedly the best for this. Drastically cutting energy consumption and providing a beautiful location where you can tie the knot will make the biggest difference. From beaches to forests, taking your vows outdoors is certainly special – just ensure you have a backup plan nearby in case you’re unlucky with the weather.




Food also plays an important part at any wedding and offers plenty of opportunity to amp up your wedding’s eco credentials. On the menu aim for  locally sourced, organic ingredients to keep the carbon footprint to a minimum. With these ingredients, and a knowledgeable catering team with the same passion for this cause, you can design a delicious seasonal menu that avoids imported products.

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Decoration plays a big role in setting the tone on the day, so what better place to integrate some stunning eco-friendly ideas into your wedding? A useful trick here is to consider what it is you could borrow or buy second-hand. Doing so will not only save you money, but will also reduce the need for materials to be produced twice! If, like most brides, you’d like flowers at your wedding, speak to a local florist and consider choosing homegrown or local varieties over rarer types. For a beautiful and unique twist, you could even pick wildflowers to complement other natural decorations.

The Bride

The most talked-about part of any wedding and what she’ll be wearing on the day. It’s your time to shine, but that doesn’t mean you have to invest in an expensive, brand-new dress if it’s not you. To be truly eco-friendly, you could consider borrowing one from a family member or friend, or finding a supplier of vintage dresses. And when the big day arrives, keep your morning beauty regime as all-natural as possible. From skin-softening rosehip oil to organic face creams and cruelty-free makeup, use environmentally friendly products and benefit from a natural glow both inside and out.

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Wedding Gifts

The wedding registry can be the perfect way to convey your green message to your guests. From bamboo bowls to recycled glassware, your list should be packed with items that embody your environmental values. This way, you keep your entire wedding consistent, from the gifts right through to the decorations. Or, if you feel like giving something back to the planet, ask guests to donate to a charity that helps protect and conserve the environment instead.

The wedding of your dreams doesn’t have to be detrimental to the environment. From fresh, organic dining to an eco-conscious gift registry. The elements of your big day can all be planned to create an incredible eco-friendly wedding for both you and your guests to remember.