Big weddings don’t tend to be the greenest of things, so here we look at our favourite ways to make your big day an eco-chic wedding.


‘Being green’ starts with the three R’s – reducing, reusing and recycling. Reduce the costs, guests and distance traveled, reuse things that you already own and recycle scrap material to make DIY favours and decorations. However, there are a lot of businesses that offer their services to help you have an eco-chic day, so you don’t have to do it all yourself.

Once you’re engaged and have set a date, one of the first things you want to do is send out save the dates and invitations to your guests.  Consider using recycled paper for your wedding invitations, or maybe send out paperless invitations. By this we mean emails, Facebook or Twitter. If most of your friends and family use these you could send them a invite over the web. But if that is too high-tech, or if your granny doesn’t use a computer, recycled paper is the way to go.

Next you want to think about choosing your venue location. If you’re keen for an eco-chic wedding, you will want a venue that is central for all your guests and somewhere that won’t take a lot of traveling for guests to get to. Having a ceremony and the reception in the same place or a walkable distance would be ideal. You can even get venues that are classified as eco-friendly to help you reduce your carbon footprint.

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For real flowers, you don’t have to go to a florist either – plan in advance and make use of your own garden! Instead of buying lots of fancy vases to hold them, save those empty jam jars. Creativity adds a charming and personal touch to any wedding – things don’t have to be expensive to be beautiful!

In the past brides have complained about how much of their wedding food went to waste. So cut down the portion sizes per head, it saves money and reduces the amount going in the bin. Choose an organic menu and include fruit and veg that are in season. Even the drinks can be locally sourced and you will get a few extra brownie points from the Earth, too.

Are you having an eco-chic wedding? What steps are you taking to be environmentally friendly?

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