Here it is! Our run-up to part one of the easiest ways you can save and stick to that budget of yours, in the wedding planning process…

Provide a dessert table

A choice of tasty treats is a great budget alternative to a fancy but costly wedding cake, and multiple sweet options will cater for everyone’s taste. ZoeBren_110812_0822

Attend wedding fayres

You’ll be able to meet with wedding suppliers and benefit from exclusive discounts provided on the day. Visiting early enough will also help you gain a clear understanding of what you want on your big day.

Use things twice

Ceremony flowers can be used again at the reception, and bouquets can be saved for table decorations. Flowers will begin to wilt after the big day, so this is also a fab way to save on waste after the wedding.

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Hire a village hall instead of a fancy wedding venue

This cheaper option can be decorated however you like, and it can still look like a big-budget venue. The decorations will be personalised to you and these venues can sometimes be more relaxed and flexible about what you can and can’t do.

Be organised

Have an idea of what you want before you buy. If you work out a colour and theme before you shop, you’ll avoid making any costly shopping mistakes – take fabric or colour swatches if needs be! Natasha Jack s Wedding-The Reception-0050

Book last minute

Look out for cancellations if you want to marry soon after your engagement. Booking last minute is only a good idea if you can organise yourself quickly, though. If you can plan your day in six months or less, you could save around £5,000!

Make it snappy!

Put cameras on each table and ask your guests to be in charge of the snaps. This way you’ll have some relaxed, personal pics to remember the day by without the huge price tag. Proctor1099

Don’t be a fool

Book your wedding on Friday 13th or April Fool’s Day if you’re not suspicious! These days aren’t as popular and are therefore likely to be cheaper – plus you’ll never forget your anniversary!

Better safe…

While we know you don’t want to think about it now, make sure you get wedding insurance. It’ll save you a lot of money in the long run if things don’t go to plan. Daffodil-Waves-Photography-Charlotte-&-Alex-Warwick-House583


Most suppliers will be open to some negotiation. If you’ve searched around for prices, you’ll have an indication of what you could be charged and you’ll have a good idea of what you’re willing and able to afford. Remember, if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Happy meals

Kids probably won’t enjoy a fancy adult meal anyway, so provide them with a cheaper alternative that you know they’ll love. James and Charlie Wedding-449

No guest gifts

Ask your friends to contribute to the wedding rather than giving gifts. They’ll understand your reasoning – if they have a problem with this, they probably shouldn’t be invited anyway!

Two for the price of one

Hold your wedding at the same time as another event. If you don’t mind something else happening at the same time, you’ll avoid costly exclusivity fees.

Download stationery templates online

There are so many websites online that allow you to make your own original invitations. This will not only be cheaper than ordering bespoke designs from a professional, but you’ll be able to create personalised and quirky invitations that we guarantee will still look great.

Marry abroad

The cost of marrying abroad is much cheaper than in the UK. Not only this, but you’ll also cut your costs if fewer guests attend.

Email your invitations

Posting anything is expensive, so why not invite your guests via email rather than sending invitations in the post? With social media and the internet playing such an important part in everyone’s lives, you’re sure to receive your replies that much quicker, too!

Celebrate at the same place

Hold your reception and ceremony at the same venue. You’ll save on transport and you’ll avoid duplicate venue fees. It’s also much easier for your guests and no one will get lost on the way!

What wedding?

To begin with, don’t mention that you’re planning a wedding. The ‘W’ word will immediately bump up the price. Suppliers will know that you’ll be expecting the best and that you’ll be more likely to accept premium prices as standard.

Dress fitting

Find a dress that fits you well from the start. You’ll avoid the expense of numerous alterations, as well as all the extra time and worry involved in multiple fittings. Adam Gray 71_FULLER_PREP

Make music

An iPod with your own playlist can work just as well as having a band. You’ll be able to choose exactly what you want to play and you won’t be charged anything except the cost of downloading your favourite songs.

Fancy food

Limit the number of courses you offer your guests at the reception. Simple food will definitely still keep your guests happy – you don’t need a fancy five-course meal for your wedding to be a success! Alex Jim-500

Keep it short

There’s no obligation to keep the party going into the early hours of the night. It’ll still be memorable and fun regardless, and you’ll avoid costly overtime rates.

Bring your own

Choose a venue that allows you to bring your own alcohol. Even if you’re charged for corkage, you’ll still be saving money in the long run. ANH-0719

Buy in bulk

From decorations to favours, there are loads of places online where you’ll be able to find great bulk discount rates. Try your local cash-and-carry too for everything from sweets to napkins.

Plan the wedding yourself

There’s no need for a wedding planner if you don’t have the budget. Your wedding will be much more personal if you do it yourself and there are so many planning tools available online that you can download for free – like this one for example!