Find your dream wedding dresses.

N is for Necklines

“Necklines are a big consideration in your choice of dress,” says Ellie Sanderson. “Sweethearts can be too revealing on a full bust, where a soft scoop looks great, and straight-across strapless can look hard on a small frame. Make sure you experiment.”

O is for an Open mind

Maria at The Pantiles Bride says: “Be willing to listen to the bridal consultant. They are experienced in personal styling, body shape and should know their stock inside out.”

P is for Plus size.

With sample sizes often 10-14, ideas for your dream wedding dresses can be tricky for plus size brides. Look for shops that stock Sonsie, Gorgeous with Curves, Bonny and Callista plus-size collections.

Q is for Quit

Knowing when to stop looking is a really important part of the process. Planner Marie Haverly says: “If you fall in love with one, try on a few more – it will either give you more ideas, or if that one really is your dream wedding dresses, then trying others on will simply confirm it!”

R is for Ronald Joyce

Elegant and feminine, simple yet refined, Ronald Joyce wedding dresses offer intricate details and a flare for the dramatic. The designer, Veni Infantino, prides herself on the shapes, colours and fabrics she uses.

dream-wedding-dress-part-2S is for Short

Dream wedding dresses should reflect your personality and individuality. So if you’re a b2b with an amazing pair of legs, why not show them off? We love Trudy Lee, Tobi Hannah and Mark Lesley for chic and sexy shorter styles.

T is for Texture

Don’t forget to think about the way a dress feels when you have it on, and in particular, the texture of the fabric used. Ellie Sanderson says: “We spend time discussing fabrics with our brides – some materials lend themselves to different figures better than others.”

U is for Under skirts.

If you’ve found your dream wedding dresses but it just isn’t full enough, ask the boutique to let you try on an under skirt. It can turn glum to glam in an instant! You’ll notice the difference most with an A-line design.

V is for Veromia

Veromia is known for high-quality dresses that look and feel luxurious. Under designer Jason Jennings the 2012 collection boasts dreamy details and flattering shapes.

W is for Waistlines

Ask your boutique which waistline will suit your shape best – for example – empire lines skim over tummies, and pleated waistlines help give the illusion of curves.

X is for Xtras

Choosing the right accessories is vital to your look. If your dress is sparkly, then go for subtle jewellery, but if the dress is simple, glam it up with some diamanté treats. Most boutiques stock accessories to try on with the dresses in store.

Y is for You

Maria at The Pantiles Bride says: “It’s a myth that your Mum and friends will cry when you’ve found your dream wedding dress, so don’t expect everyone to get all teary when you try on a dress. You’re the one wearing the gown so it’s how the dress makes you feel that should be your priority.”

Z is for Zoom

Don’t rush into buying your dream wedding dresses – take your time and make it a fun experience. Real bride Lucy Beesley says: “I had paid in full for my dress 10 months before the big day, but I bought it too quickly. Eight weeks before the wedding, I was still unhappy and then ‘the one’ found me at the bridesmaids’ dress fitting. I fell in love and quickly forgot about the other dress!”

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