Both bright and punchy, this classic colour and mid century modern favourite can work to suit an eclectic or traditional style day and theme. Lighter and darker shades of teal can work at each end of the spectrum, evoking images of paradise and the tropics, teal is the dream theme colour for a holiday feel, whereas the deeper green slate tones will act as a sophisticated and luxurious backdrop in place of navy or black, too!

Teal can be paired with a range of contrasting tones that bolster it’s renaissance deco presence. White, pink,coral, gold and velveteen red are perfect secondary palette pleasers to contrast the versatile hues of blue!

theme thursday teal1 Paper decorations,, £5.99 / 2 Bead Earrings,, £16.50 / 3 Invite,, from £3.39 / 4 Alternative Bouquet,, from £180 / 5 Cake, / 6 Maids dress, / 7 Favours,, from £1.85 / 8 Invite,, from £1.89 / 9, from £2 / 10 Earrings,, £30 / 11 Balloons,, £3.49 for 10 / 12 Clutch,, £9.95 / 13 Felt bunting,, £7.95 / 14 Necklace,, £15 / 15 shoes,, £75

How will you incorporate this beautiful bold colour, into your theme?! Let us know, we’d love to see!

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