Treat time girls – another guest blog from our lovely friend Jo Hoare, Style Editor of heat magazine who’s planning her wedding… and was dreading shopping for her dress!

For brides dreading wedding dress shopping, Jo Hoare, Style Editor of Heat magazine tells us how she conquered her fears and you can too!Wedding dresses: My first time

I have to admit I really wasn’t looking forward to wedding dress shopping. In fact I was dreading wedding dress shopping to the point of weeping into my Cheerios the morning of my first trying on session.

A somewhat strange reaction for someone who shops and styles clothes for a living?

Hmmm.. the issue was whereas I have no problem approving outfits for a gorge size 8 soap star or putting together a look for four super photogenic girl banders, when it comes to my own body I’m not quite so confident.

As a size 12-14 (and let’s be honest there are definitely more days when I’m the latter not the former) with G cup bosoms and standing at just five foot one, I was terrified of walking into a posh shop where snooty assistants would say “Oh no, we don’t have much for you dear”.

A friend’s horror story of being told to stop looking at a certain rail because that was the section for “skinny girls” and she needed to move over to the “curvy girls area” had been ringing in my ears for weeks so I decided to plan a very low key first trying on sesh. No bridesmaids, no mum, no fuss, just one friend whose style I trusted and an out-of-London boutique, Miss Bush Bridal, that I’d only heard wonderful things about. (PS if you know my mum please don’t tell her, I may have told a tiny fib that I’d go the first time with her.)

Well, what a ridiculous fuss I’d been making over nothing! The lovely assistant made me feel totally at ease, immediately understood what I didn’t feel confident about and in a totally non-judgemental way steered me towards the gowns that would flatter me the most. I left with a completely different idea of what would and wouldn’t suit me – and there was a lot more that would than wouldn’t – and absolutely bags of confidence for my exciting search.

If you’re a nervous bride like me here’s how to get that added bit of confidence before your first time …

A tiny bit of fake tan goes a long way

You don’t need a huge entourage, save the hordes of friends and family for later trying on sessions.

Wear decent undies- the assistants will see you in them so leave the grey bra and laundry day knickers at home

Ditto for hair free legs and armpits

Don’t go bare faced – an extra five minutes spent on your make up that morning will make you feel better when you look in the mirror. Also go with clean hair.

Remember your feet – a quick home pedi will make you feel better when you’re nearly naked in those changing rooms.

Plan something of a treat for after the session – I went for a posh lunch afterwards which made it into a nice girly day.

Enjoy your wedding dress shopping!

By Jo Hoare, Style Editor, heat magazine