Choosing a wedding dress is a tricky task at the best of times but when you have to factor in sand and scorching temperatures there are a few rules you must obey! We asked the team at Benjamin Roberts for their top tips for buying wedding dresses for the beach, and here’s what they had to say…


The dos…

Seek out lightweight fabrics such as tulle and chiffon. Chiffon is very flattering and cool, it won’t crease up after travelling and you can hang it in a steamy shower room and any small creases will fall out after just 20 minutes. Consider silk chiffon if you can afford it as it’s slightly more luxurious.


Consider placing tissue paper over any beading or crystals on your wedding dress so that when it’s folded, the embellishments don’t ‘dent’ the fabric in flight. There’s nothing worse than noticing a hitch on your dress!


Consider a wedding dress with a low, sexy back, with strings of beads falling from shoulder to shoulder. This looks beautiful if you’ve managed to get a tan first and the guests will love looking at the back of your dress while you’re saying your vows.


Think about style details where the dress might have tulle or chiffon lengths of fabric that will catch the breeze. If your dress does have details like this, you may not need a traditional veil. Also look for pretty detailed necklines that will make up for the simplicity of the rest of the dress.


Always try to aim for a puddle train which literally means it sits behind your ankles like a puddle of fabric and doesn’t look too out of place on a beach or at a tropical resort.

The don’ts…

Avoid heavy, thick satins that will make you look and feel overdressed for the beach.Also, don’t buy a wedding dress with too many layers of petticoats, as they will stick to your legs in hot weather.


Steer clear of dresses with a heavy corset – they will make you sweat more and you’ll feel awkward and unable to breathe in high temperatures. Get the right underwear and you’ll have all the support you need.


Don’t use spray tan before you wear your dress as it could rub off onto the fabric and make it look dirty. Spend a few days sun bathing before the big day, and remember to use sun block. It’s better to look pale than sunburned.

To see more wedding dresses for weddings abroad, check out our Dress section today. Planning a beach celebration? We’ve got all the details you’ll need in the Wedding Ideas Shop.


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