Dog dressed up for wedding
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Dogs are a man’s best friend and, of course, you want your best friend at your wedding! Wagging their tail as they waddle up the aisle behind you, having your pet as part of your ceremony can be a cute addition to the service. However, from muddy paws on your dress to little accidents in the church garden, this is not always practical. The event organisers at Rivenhall Oaks have suggested a list of things you should consider when incorporating your dog in your wedding, so you don’t go barking mad on the day

Will they behave?

You need to have realistic expectations about your pup’s behaviour. If they’re going to be barking through the speeches, or they get overwhelmed by big crowds, it may have to a no on this occasion.

Do they need to be there for the duration of the day?

Weddings can be a tiring day with so much going on, so consider which part you want your dog to attend before he gets worn out. Equally, if they’re not much of a party animal, make sure they are taken home before the evening begins.

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What will they do?

Similarly, the level of involvement can vary. You need to consider whether you just want them to be present on the day or choose to give them a bigger part with responsibility such as baring the rings.

Who’s responsible for them throughout the day?

It’s best to assign a family member or friend to look after them for the day. There will be a lot happening, so you won’t be able to keep an eye on your pup or give them the attention that they need. Besides, picking up doggy doo-doo probably isn’t the something you want to be doing in your dress.

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Are they allowed?

Before making any plans for your dog, make sure your venue is pet friendly. Often you will need permission to bring them along. Here at Rivenhall Oaks we welcome all of your guests, whether they have four legs or two.

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