Is your best man struggling with his speech for the big day? Do you think he needs a little helping hand? Don’t let him suffer alone, let this new company help! is a fab new personalised service that can help your best man write a speech that’s perfect for your ceremony – without any of the awkward silences!

Based in Chelsea, owner Annabella Forbes can offer your harassed helper a two-hour, one-on-one intensive session in person or over Skype. She can give your guy practical advice on writing, delivering and simply practicing their speech so it sounds incredible on the day.


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Men find it harder to practice their speeches in front of other men. Annabella remedies this – as a girl she is impartial, will impart valuable pearls of wedding etiquette wisdom and make sure the speech is relevant to everyone. More importantly she will teach your best man how to enjoy giving the speech rather than lose sleep over it. She will ensure he fills his time slot with charming, witty, fun, thoughtful humour delivered in the best way possible.

Annabella decided to launch this new venture after helping many of her male friends with their speeches. She has also been witness to hundreds of wedding speeches that could have been great were a little more effort and preparation put in, insisting that it doesnʼt take much to turn a terrible speech into something brilliant.

“In the 2 hours I spent with Annabella, we produced a best man speech that will go down in the history books,” says best man Mike McEwan from London. “And when I say we, I mean Annabella. She asked questions, prompted stories and put together everything I wanted to say in a way that was slick, charismatic and hilariously witty. She gave me the confidence to produce a speech that helped make the day so special for so many people.”

Annabella has a huge amount of experience in performance, public-speaking, improvised-comedy, speech-writing, coaching, and general morale-boosting, plus a degree in English and Anthropology from Durham University. “In essence, when it comes to the big day, compared to the groom, the best man has not just made the biggest commitment of his life, so his job should be easy! And I will help make it so,” she says.

Book a place for your best man now at And when he’s tested this service, come and tell us what it’s like on the Wedding Ideas Forum! For more top tips on speeches take a look at our Readings and Speeches section right now.