Every bride seems to have a colour scheme or wedding theme in mind but are they really important? And, if so, how do you choose one that’s right for you? We asked award-winning stationery supremo Lucy Ledger how she advises couples to find their perfect shade…

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As soon as you think of planning your wedding, for some reason the need to get a colour scheme sorted presents itself. It happened to me when I was planning my Christmas wedding. Do I pick red because of the season? I didn’t really like red but I loved Christmas so I knew red would be in there somewhere. Why do we feel the need to focus on one or two colours, though?

A lot of my clients often have a colour in mind with their save the dates, which nine times out of ten develops into something else as time passes and they get more inspired. With our wedding, it occurred to me that it would be much more lovely to keep our colours eclectic and use our venue as a lead for our colour scheme. Our venue was an old country house with big stone cosy winter fireplaces. We eventually chose rustic brown with vintage greens, reds and it all worked beautifully on the day with our venue. Our colour shades had changed and developed since sending out our save the dates but as our scheme was varied it just blended in with the rest of our stationery seamlessly.

So my advice would be when starting out, consider the following…

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Winter weddings don’t have to be red

How about going for a more rustic feel with a few less restrictions on the colour? Maybe go winter wonderland with not just blue and white but accents of lilac and silver, take inspiration from your environment – icicles sparkle in a whole range of beautiful colours!

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Let your venue lead your colour scheme

Having a summer wedding? Go with a pretty floral look with your stationery then you can pick and choose accents from it to match your theme as a whole. Doing things this way will save you hours of time and money searching for that ‘one’ colour of bridesmaid’s dress or exact shade of flower.

Feel your theme

Close your eyes and think of a feeling rather than searching with your eyes, conjure up hazy summer days, beautiful autumnal sunsets or a spring time landscape and dream up your colour scheme that way!

My most important piece of advice would be to always be yourself – if you have a perfect colour that is ‘you’ and that’s all you need – go for it! If you don’t, there is no rule for you to stick with one or two colours.

Remember… your wedding, your way! Enjoy every minute of planning your perfect day.