Getting married should be a wonderful celebration of the love between two people. Whether you go for one of the more traditional or the more unusual wedding venues in the UK, your day should be filled with smiles, laughter and happy memories. But if the thought of stepping out in front of all your friends and family for the first dance has got you feeling flustered, maybe it’s time to consider some alternatives.

Not every groom is built to waltz away his new wife with gusto. Plenty of men struggle to coordinate feet and brain, and trying to romantically glide across the floor with such a guy is really only going to end up in bruised toes and damaged pride. If elegance and grace are not your friends, the beautiful Bowood have come up with some first dance alternatives which could suit your style.

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First ceilidh

Choosing a ceilidh band for a wedding is a great way to get everyone up and dancing. If you’re planning a barn dance celebration, why not have the first ceilidh instead of a first dance. You won’t be on your own on the dance floor, as all your friends and family will join you, and they’ll be too busy watching their own feet to notice any of your dodgy manoeuvres!

First couples dance

Who says your first dance has to be on your own? Inviting up all the other happy couples in the room is a great way to take the pressure off the two of you without forgoing the first dance altogether.

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First indulgence of a hobby

What do you do as a couple? What hobbies do you share? If you’ve got a passion, why not celebrate it by having your first go as a married couple right there at your wedding. First game for gamers (Rock Band and Dancing Stage are popular), first hula hoop for gymnasts or first penalty for footy fans could be a great way to get past the ‘first dance’ with no shuffling involved.

First bounce

Want to do something completely different? Why not hire a bouncy castle for your reception, and indulge in a first bounce instead of a dance. Bouncy castles go down equally well with children and drunk adults, and are guaranteed to be a source of much amusement for the whole evening.

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First song

More of a crooner than a mover? Sharing a first song on Karaoke can be a good dance alternative, and will still give your guests the photo opportunity they want. Try a lovely duet or even something you’ve written yourself.

First slideshow

If you have a favourite song that you’d like to share, you could think about putting together a PowerPoint slide show instead of dancing to it. Share with your guests all your happiest memories of how you met and grew as a couple, and finish off with a public kiss and cuddle to celebrate your marriage.

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First hokey-cokey

If you really want to do a first dance, but can’t face trying to remember any highly choreographed steps, why not dance to a song that tells you what to do? The hokeycokey comes highly recommended, as does the Time Warp, YMCA and Superman. Whether you’re soon to be groom or a blushing bride with a rhythm-less partner, try some of these first dance alternatives to take the pain out of the party. Don’t worry about doing something a bit different to the norm; it’s your wedding day and should be a true reflection of yourselves.