If you’re looking for great DIY wedding decorations you’re in luck! With the help of Klaire from Paper Me Happy, we’re going to show you how you can take a simple piece of paper and easily turn it into a lovely sparkly decoration to adorn your wedding venue.

What you’ll need for DIY wedding decorations

  • Paper cut into a square – thinner origami-type paper works best!
  • PVA Glue
  • Glitter of your colour choice.



  1. Starting with the square of paper face down on the table, fold in half across both diagonal folds and once in half length ways. Open the sheet back out fully.
  2. Next, with the straight fold lying horizontal in relation to you collapse the diagonal folds in so that you are left with this triangle shape.
  3. Fold both side’s triangle point up to meet the top point.
  4. Turn the butterfly over and fold it almost in half (leaving roughly a thumb width of the underside visible – this will form the head!)
  5. Form the wings by turning the butterfly back over and fold down the points to face downwards – you’ll see that when you bring the points down the outer edges curl upwards, I press these down firmly, as it helps keep the wings in place.
  6. To form the head, create a fold that is in line with the butterfly wings and then fold that back on itself so that it looks like the picture.
  7. To give the butterfly a nice 3D feel, create 2 diagonal folds that start from the sides of the newly formed head down towards the centre of the butterfly – see the dashed lines in the DIY wedding decorations gallery below.
  8. Using these folds, pull them back so that the body of the butterfly sticks out (the head may rip down the centre crease at this point – but don’t worry as this will be soon covered in sparkly glitter!) and bring the wings together. Lay flat on the table – ready for the last 2 folds – phew!
  9. It’s tricky to explain without looking at a picture, but fold each wing back, creating the new creases in line with the centre of the butterfly’s body. All that’s left to do now is stretch out your butterfly and admire your handiwork.
  10. As a final touch, dot PVA glue at the butterfly head and add glitter

Are you making anything yourself for the big day, or does the thought of DIY wedding decorations make you shudder? Let us know below…

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