The revival of all things vintage, whimsical and bohemian have inspired modern sophisticated brides to turn to the floral crown or hair piece, in place of the more traditional veil or embellished headpiece. Displaying nature at it’s finest the floral crown will continue to adorn brides of 2017 wanting an elegant yet relaxed look, as will other flourishing features such as billowing garlands and trailing table centrepieces. And even better we can show you just how to DIY your very own floral crown! This way you can experiment with all the wild flowers you can find but don’t forget fresh flowers will need to be cut and threaded the night before the wedding!


DIY flower crown 170


You will need

    • Aluminium wire
    • Thin florists reel wire
    • Scissors
    • Selection of fresh foliage, including ferns and eucalyptus, and seasonal flowers.


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DIY flower crown 170 1


1 Measure the aluminium wire around the head to work out the size of the crown. Hook and loop the wire to attach the crown at the back of the head when you’ve finished.


DIY flower crown 2


2 Attach the reel wire to the aluminium wire by winding it round and round tightly to ensure the crown is secure.


DIY flower crown 3


3 Cut all the flowers about two inches from the head of each bloom.


DIY flower crown 5


4 Then cut the foliage, pulling pieces away at the bottom to expose the stems. Cut small sprigs of fresh flowers to use, too.


DIY flower crown 6


5 Starting with the ferns, hold onto the aluminium wire and wind the reel wire around the stem. Ferns work well at the ends of a crown because their shape naturally tapers to a point.


DIY flower crown 7


6 Once you have wound the reel wire around the flowers and foliage, trim down the stem and keep winding to ensure it is secure, then continue to add foliage.


DIY flower crown 8
7 Start to incorporate different colours and textures in the crown using more foliage, continually winding the thin wire around. Group smaller flowers to create a focal point in groups of two or three. Use a decent amount of reel wire around the stems to ensure the flowers all stay in place.


DIY flower crown 13
Push the wire into the stem and the neck until you feel resistance on the large flower heads. This will give the flower added support and attach it more securely.


DIY flower crown 9
Remember to pull the flower crown straight every so often to prevent the flowers from twisting in different directions. The crown should be thickest in the middle.


DIY flower crown 10
10 Cut off the reel wire and wind the final bit around the crown tightly to secure it. Ensure the hook and loop at each end of the aluminium wire is still secure.


DIY flower crown 11


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