We’ve created a step-by-step guide to creating the perfect tousled boho hair! Collaborating with award-winning hair stylist Sarah Eccles-Markey from Studio B creating this quick stunning hairstyle couldn’t be easier! Whether for your maids or for you as the bride this choice of style will look perfect accompanied with a flower crown or small floral pins tucked into the braid.

1 Apply a BB heat protector and curl the hair. Tip: section the hair and curl small amounts at a time – this will make it easier and create a better finish.


After curling all of the hair, allow the hair to cool for five minutes, this will help the curls set into place. Tip: I use the Cloud Nine original wand for perfect waves.


Apply a small amount of serum or finishing cream from BB, gently brush through the hair to create the boho tousled look.


Plait a section at both sides of the head and secure with bands, then with a couple of grips wrap the plaits around the back of the head and secure. Tip: hold the bottom of the plait then loosen and separate it a little to create a fuller effect.


Use a gentle hold hairspray to hold any flyaways or alternatively pick a shine spray to give you that photo ready look.  My favourite products are from Bumble & Bumble, they have a light hold and help hair respond to heat tools.


Adding flowers or pearls secured onto hair grips will finish the style perfectly. Tip: try local craft shops for paper flowers or use craft jewellery beads or pearls that have ready made holes, perfect to slide grips through.



Web: studiob.uk.com
Instagram: @sarah261983
Model: Kirsty Reed
Photography: Bethan Eccles
Products: bumbleandbumble.co.uk cloudninehair.com


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