Everyone wants their wedding day to be a special day, but sometimes when having to deal with divorced parents, it makes that target a bit harder to hit.


You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, and sometimes it might feel like you’re walking through a minefield. Whether your parents can’t be in the same room together, they don’t like each others’ new partners, or even if they separated on good terms, it can add difficulty to your wedding planning.

Having more parental figures in your life, often meaning there is an idea of competition and bidding between them, gives you more to deal with. You want to share out the wedding roles in a way that’s fair and that won’t step on anybody’s toes but that can give you a lot to think about. For example, who’s going to give you away, the table plan, the wedding photographs, speeches and the father-daughter dance, all these things are needed to be considered if you have divorced parents.

You want to be focusing on uniting families, rather than splitting the wedding four ways to deal with divorced parents and then step-parents. So why not speak to each of them about it? You never know they may push aside any differences they have, or they may co-operate and compromise in any way to make your day perfect for you – they’ll understand! Just make sure that you organise, establish roles and discuss your plans in good time before the wedding, so you can arrange, and perhaps, let dust settle.

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They’re old enough to do what they’re told and not make you feel guilty about any difficult decisions you have to make; it’s your wedding and you don’t want any arguments or drama, so they should respect that!

Are you planning a wedding when you or your h2b have divorced parents? How are you finding it? Have you got any advice or tips for people that are struggling a bit?

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