Whether you plan to strut confidently down the aisle or make a more demure entrance, make sure the bridal perfume captivating your guests reflects your true character.

Celebrity brides-to-be face the same challenge, so if you’re a shy wallflower or a sultry vamp, this fun quiz from the fragrance experts at luxe bridal firm showerella.com will help you hit the right fragrance notes on your big day…

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Your ideal getaway with the girls is…

  1. A city break
  2. A spa retreat
  3. A theatre trip
  4. A VIP club night out

Your footwear fetish is…

  1. Power heels
  2. Strappy heels
  3. Ankle boots
  4. Lace booties

Your signature style…

  1. Ruffles and bows
  2. A structured ensemble
  3. Cool and casual
  4. Hot off the catwalk

Your dream holiday destination would be…

  1. Los Angeles
  2. Bahamas
  3. Bali
  4. Rio de Janeiro

Favourite guilty pleasure…

  1. Cupcakes
  2. A macchiato
  3. Extreme workouts
  4. Society magazines

Designer splurge of choice…

  1. Marc Jacobs perfume
  2. A Mulberry bag
  3. A Burberry mac
  4. Front row seats at London fashion week

Mostly 1s – Romantic and playful


Celebrity bride-to-be matches

Emma Bunton, Jamie Lynne Spears, Jessica Simpson or Kristen Bell.

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You are optimistic, expressive and love to embrace your girly side. A true romantic at heart you are drawn to flowery notes that transform into soft, flirty and feminine scents.

Fragrance match

Try scents that are refreshing, light and airy with a sweet, fruity nuance such as Insolence by Guerlain and Heat Rush by Beyoncé. Try mixing No.4 Peach Nectar and No.8 Cherry Blossom from the Scentelier fragrance bar to create a signature fruity floral scent that captures your positive, warm and bubbly personality.

Mostly 2s – Classy and chic

liz hurley

Celebrity bride-to-be matches

Elizabeth Hurley, Christine Bleakley, Kate Hudson or Frankie Stanford.

Confident and elegant, you know what you want and you go for it. Well known for your active social life, sophisticated wardrobe and ambitious career, you are drawn to luxurious and sensual scents.

Fragrance match

Rich oriental fragrances such as Bvlgari Omnia and Burberry Brit perfectly reflect your natural charisma. Mix fresh spicy and woody notes such as No.11 Russian Amber & Cinnamon and No.12 Blue Anemone from the Scentelier fragrance bar, to create a perfume that is as beautiful and desirable as you are.

Mostly 3s – Cool and casual

jennifer aniston

Celebrity bride-to-be matches

Jennifer Aniston, Kelly Clarkson, Amy Adams or Kate Bosworth.

Effortlessly cool with a sunny personality, you have a heart of gold and are adored by friends who count on your sound advice. With a refined taste for heirloom quality, you are drawn to fresh, clean scents.

Fragrance matches

Fresh, clean scents and woody florals such as L`Occitane en Provence Cherry Princess and Clinique Happy are ideal for you. Invigorating citrus fragrances also complement your bright and breezy side.

Mostly 4s – Bold and sultry

angelina jolie

Celebrity bride-to-be matches

Angelina Jolie, Kate Hudson, Olivia Wilde or Naomi Watts.

Like Marilyn Monroe, you gravitate towards the sexy allure of life. You have a love of fashion and the high society and are drawn to scents that reflect your energy, charisma and confidence.

Fragrance matches

Try heady oriental scents with warm spicy and amber notes such as Chanel No. 5 and Gorgio Armani The One to capture your seductive nature. Blend 3 Scentelier oils No.1 Mandarin and Osmanthus , Larch, No.10 Chocolat and No.13 White Jasmine & Larch to create a fragrance that captivates and intrigues.

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