It’s fair to say that a wedding without flowers would be fairly dull! Flowers bring colour, scent and creativity to compliment what is set to be the best day of a couple’s life. But for most, when it comes to choosing flowers for bouquets, pedestals and table arrangements, some may begin to realise how vague their flower knowledge is. As one of the leading Wiltshire wedding venues, Bowood has decided to put their thinking caps on and explore the floral landscape according to season. Because it’s April, we’ve decided to start with spring and work our way through!

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Spring titleCyclamen

This is one of the more popular winter/spring flowers which blossom in a variety of different colours. They add dimension and height to a bouquet while remaining subtle and ever so slightly understated.



Everyone loves a spring daffodil. Bright in colour and tall in height, they are the perfect addition to a centre piece at a spring wedding breakfast.


With long stems Ornithogalum’s can give height and add clusters of detailing to pedestals and table arrangements. They have a fresh white colour which is perfect for a white wedding.



If you like roses but feel that they are a bit predictable, Ranunculus is a great alternative. Available in numerous colours, their layered petals give depth and a strong sense of elegance.

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summer title


If you’re going for violent/lilac tones within your colour scheme, these are a must. These are ideal for brides who are looking or a bouquet which floats and add some length.



More commonly known as pot marigold, calendula radiates passion when arranged alongside other rich warm colours. These are often popular choices for Asian weddings.



With circular shaped heads full of tonal blossoms, hydrangeas are a quintessential wedding flower which comes in a variety of colours.


If you like choosing something which is a little bit different, statice (often referred to as sea-lavender or marsh-rosemary) has a gorgeous scent and its calming colour make it the perfect flower for a courtyard wedding.

autumn title


These beautiful flowers are fairly quaint in size, warming to the eye and add texture to decorative bunches of flowers. Whether they are used in bouquets, pedestals or table arrangements, they truly suggest a real autumn wedding vibe.

Verbena bonariensis

If you’re having a more subtle autumn wedding, this member of the verbena family brings out the freshness of spring, the crispness of winter and the beauty of summer.

Verbena bonariensis


With loads of long and thin petals, chrysanthemums are stunning in large arrangements and come in a variety of colours. In fact, it would be hard to make a beautiful arrangement without them.



If you wanted a summer wedding but due to certain circumstances couldn’t, rudbekia has all of the beauty of summer in each blossom. With golden yellow petals they glow and light up a room now end.


winter title


With heaps of vibrant yellow tones, gorse is a winter staple flower which is tall and bold.



There is no such thing as a Christmas wedding without holly. Whether it’s used for reefs, corsages or button holes, holly is incredibly versatile and an iconic winter flower.


You will have come across snowdrops on winter country walks. They are usually found amongst tall trees in barky soils but their delicate and agile appearance twinkle at any winter event.


Pussy willow

The beautiful pink flowers are heightened by its dark brown thick stem. These are great for bulking out large arrangements or used on their own as understated feature ornaments.

Pussy willow

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