DIY-ing your own tables at your wedding is a great idea but it is important that you follow a few simple rules. Firstly, make sure that you allow time to do the tables – you don’t want to be rushing around on the morning of your wedding day primping flowers and adjusting bows. If you possibly can, do the tables the night before to save yourself from any stress on the big day.

Candles by all means – they’re an economical way of creating an atmospheric scene – but make sure they’re unscented! Scented candles are a no-no on any tables where food is being served. You want to tempt your guests by the delicious smells of the dishes being offered, rather than have them masked by a floral candle fragrance.

Thirdly, don’t make the centrepieces too high or your guests won’t be able to see one another to chat. Flowers and decorations should be below eye level so that conversation flows easily.

And yes, decorating your tables for under £10 can be done! Here’s how…


A sprinkling of natural petals

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Flower petals aren’t just for throwing as confetti after the ceremony. They come in such beautiful colours – blues, pinks, yellows – and are particularly effective when decorating country garden or vintage style weddings. We asked Shropshire Petals who specialise in natural petal confetti for their ideas on inexpensive centrepieces. (As a guide, a litre of their red rose petals costs £15.85 and will decorate 5 tables.)

They suggested the following…

  • Scatter petals in a heart shape and use as a table centrepiece
  • Use sprigs of lavender or wheat as napkin rings or in name place settings
  • Simply scatter rose petals on white tablecloths
  • Put a jam jar filled with wheat on every table
  • Buy inexpensive fishbowls and fill with a handful of petals
  • Tie a bunch of lavender to the back of each guest’s chair (or just for the top table if you prefer)

Do it yourself

Daniela who writes the blog gets to see photographs of masses of DIY wedding decorations. She says “You can cut costs by just getting some inexpensive vases or bowls, fill with water and have floating tea lights as your centrepieces. This is a great DIY option that looks wonderful in the evening at a winter wedding.”

Jam-jars with a pop of colour

Pinterest is another great source of ideas for your wedding tables. We spotted this very inexpensive but incredibly useful tip, put coloured food dye (green, blue or red) in jam jars filled with water and pop in a single white chrysanthemum – it’s a really simple idea that looks very effective and very easy to carry out – also chrysanthemums are inexpensive to buy all year round and you only need one!

Say it with roses

At the Wedding Ideas shop you’ll find all sorts of inexpensive accessories for your wedding. Buy one of these small vintage rose troughs for just £3.34 and fill with a couple of miniature rose bushes from a garden centre (about £6 each).

Or say it sweetly

You could also use sweets to decorate your tables and drop a brightly coloured assortment into some small candy jars (£1.09 each from the Wedding Ideas Shop). You could colour co-ordinate the sweets to suit your wedding theme if you want to, we’re thinking maybe black and white Everton Mints if you’re having a monochrome theme, or Flying Saucers if you’re a pastel kind of a bride.

Oranges, lemons and limes

Talking of colour themes, if your tones include oranges, yellows and greens, then you could fill cheap glass vases with limes, lemons and small oranges. Just use one colour per table or mix it up. Ikea has some perfect glass vases for just £5 each and it will cost you less than £5 to fill each with citrus fruits so you’re under budget on this one! This is also a great plan-ahead table centrepiece. You could definitely do this one the day before the wedding without any fear of the fruit drying up – or if you don’t have access to your venue, make up the vases beforehand and then get a trusted friend to drop them in on the morning (just make sure your venue knows where you want them placed).

A touch of 1920’s glamour

Have you been inspired by the film The Great Gatsby for your wedding day? You could create very glamorous table centrepieces inexpensively by using ostrich plumes. You can buy 10” coloured ostrich feathers for about 85p from craft shops. Then just arrange odd numbers (groupings of three, five or seven look better than even numbers for some reason) in a tall vase, like this 50cm high Lily vase on offer in the Wedding Ideas shop at the moment for £3.84.

So as you see, it’s perfectly possible to have some creative and attractive wedding centrepieces without spending £££s. Just leave yourself time to get them right and make sure staff at your reception venue know what you’re planning so your decorations are displayed correctly! If you’re looking for more amazing budget ideas, our Wedding budget section has everything you need to plan an amazing day!