Dealing with wedding stress in the family while planning your big day can be quite a common occurrence. Mixing a once-in-a-lifetime event, big budgets and intense emotions can throw up a few issues!

dealing-with-stress-Emily Heizer PhotographyA biggie. Interfering parents

One of the most common problems during wedding planning is diverging opinions between the bride and groom and both their parents.

As with most confrontations, the key is to communicate. Let them know how you feel, calmly, and be prepared to meet them half way, it’s the best way when dealing with wedding stress. They probably want what’s best for you. It’s just a case of letting them know what you think is best, and why.

Reconstructed families

Dealing with wedding stress, especially with divorced and/or remarried parents can create tricky situations while wedding planning.

Although etiquette dictates that the parents of the bride sit at the top table, today it’s okay to dodge tradition and split warring parties on to different tables.

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Hopefully, your parents will put you first. But it never hurts to remind them nicely that they need to be polite to each other on your big day.

Another option is to ask them where they’d prefer to sit ahead of time. Having input should avoid any drama and addressing the issue will deflate any possible trouble.

Prevent family fall outs

If some members of the family are not getting on and you don’t want to ‘take sides’, talk to each relative individually and explain the importance of the day.

If the in laws don’t get on, don’t force it. Becoming one, big, happy family is a lengthy process and using your wedding as a ‘peace process’ will only add pressure on you.

Settle for a truce. Minimizing contact should be a quicker and safer way for all to have a great time and leave the hairy negotiations or ‘getting to know you’ sessions for later.

Managing expectations

Another issue that often pops up is handling your family’s expectations without offending anyone.

A classic example is choosing bridesmaids – some may assume they will be chosen while you have other plans. It’s tricky to juggle what you want and everyone’s feelings.

Allow dealing with wedding stress by explaining your reasons clearly and soften the blow by giving those concerned another role to play in proceedings.

How are you dealing with wedding stress while planning your big day? Is it all getting a bit too much? Let us know your thoughts below…