Creating your own table plan can be lots of fun and it adds a personal touch to your day. Luck & Luck have a range of alternative ideas for table plans from large metal hearts to floral suitcases. Here they show you how to make your very own vintage-style table plan, perfect for an elegant retro theme…

What you will need

How to make your vintage-style table plan

Print your guest names onto an A4 sheet of paper and cut each table to size. Choose a font that fits your theme. Then you can glue these onto your luggage tags.

Image 2

Select a ribbon to match your theme or colour scheme. Round off the end with a pair of scissors and then fold over the end of the ribbon approximately 2-3 cm and make a small cut in the ribbon. Secure this onto the top hook of the frame.

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Image 3

Cut the ribbon to the length of the frame and fix into place with a strong glue or staple in place.

Image 4

To fix the luggage labels to the ribbon, glue a strip down the luggage tag and secure to the ribbon to keep it flat and in place.

Image 5

Secure your Mr & Mrs sign or To Have To Hold sign on the hooks and hang in place for your guests to admire!

image 6

Top tip

When your wedding is over you can either keep the table plan as a special memento of your day or replace it with photos of your wedding!

If you’re looking for more amazing things to make for your big day, our DIY Weddings section boasts lots of handy how-to guides, which can help you get your big day for less!