They say that charity starts at home. But what they often fail to tell you is that charity can immediately start after your wedding.

While getting married, and planning your big day, you’ll spend a huge amount of time focusing on you. First off, please know that it’s perfectly okay to spend this time planning your big day. You deserve all the good things that life has to offer, and having the perfect wedding is your absolute birthright. However… have you ever considered turning your wedding into a charitable event in some way? Big or small, you can make a difference to a cause close to your heart or even recycle elements of your wedding after the day! It is possible, and we’re going to tell you how to pull it off right now. 

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5 Tips to Turn Your Wedding into an Altruistic Event

It’s easy to develop a philanthropic mindset, even during your wedding, if you shift your focus just a tiny bit. We’ve developed five simple ways to create charitable works while planning the greatest wedding of all time!

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Make a donation with your flowers – everybody loves a beautiful flower arrangement. You spent a sizable portion of your wedding budget acquiring these gorgeous blossoms. Why let them go to waste? You can donate them instead. Find a local event that might need them, or deliver them to a nursing home or hospital to help brighten somebody else’s day.

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Rent space from a nonprofit organisation – most people overlook this fact, but nonprofits could benefit tremendously from your rental payment. Find a local nonprofit with a venue big enough to host your wedding/wedding reception. Not only will you find a wonderful and unique space for your wedding; you’ll also help a great organisation perform good works.

Use online fundraising to receive wedding gifts as charitable donations – instead of registering and receiving gifts that are duplicates of items that you already own, why not ask your wedding guests to donate money instead? Set up a page on a crowdfunding website like Plumfund and direct your wedding guests to make a donation in lieu of a traditional wedding gift. It’s free so you can donate every penny received to your favourite charities 100% of the time.

Wedding favours –  Instead of spending money on wedding favours, think about donating the amount you have set aside to charity. If you have a local charity that you adore, give them the money. Or make an online contribution to a philanthropic organisation of your choice. One of our real wedding couples Lisa and Gerraint similarly decided on behalf of all of their guests to make a donation to cancer research! Read all about their beautiful day here!

 Get the wedding party involved – if you plan to forgo the bachelor/bachelorette party altogether or only intend to have a small event, consider getting the entire wedding party together to spend the day doing something more worthy of your time instead. Contact a local charity and see if your wedding party can help make a difference working with their organisation. Go to a soup kitchen and work there for the day or deliver meals to the homeless population in your community. There are so many wonderful things that you and your wedding party can do to help!