Wedding Ideas have teamed up with top video gurus Video Jug to give you some exclusive bridal beauty looks that you can easily recreate at home. This week, we’re showing you how you do your very own 50s-style bridal make-up with this easy how-to video.

50s wedding look

What you’ll need…

  • Estée Lauder – Double Wear Light Stay-In-Place Makeup SPF10 In Intensity 1.0
  • NARS – Concealer In Vanilla
  • NARS – Eyebrow Pencil In Panama
  • MAC – Extended Play Lash In Endless Black
  • Bobbi Brows – Eye Shadow In Wood Rose
  • Bourjois – Little Round Pot Eye Shadow In #10 Glitter
  • Eylure – Naturalites Lengthening False Lashes
  • MAC – DUO Adhesive
  • Rimmel – Flash Eyeliner
  • MAC – Lip Pencil In Brick
  • Bobbi Brown – Lipstick In Red 10
  • MAC – Beauty Powder Blush In On A Mission

Step-by-step guide

Step 1 – Apply foundation

Prep and moisturise your skin, then apply the Estée Lauder Stay-In-Place foundation, using a foundation brush. Start in the centre of the face and blend outwards, applying a little bit at a time and building it up.

Step 2 – Apply concealer

Now look to apply your NARS concealer using a fluffy to any areas of redness, and blend it in.

Step 3 – Apply eyebrow pencil

Here you can apply the NARS eyebrow pencil to the brows using light feathery brushstrokes until they are filled in, then brush them using a disposable mascara wand.

Step 4 – Apply mascara

Apply MAC Endless Play mascara to your top and bottom lashes. Really wiggle the mascara wand into the roots of the lashes to get a bold black effect that will really make your eyes pop.

Step 5 – Apply eye shadow

Now you can apply the Bobbi Brows eye shadow to your eyelids using a fluffy brush; this evens out any imperfections and gives a bit of depth to the corners of the eyes. Next apply the Bourjois glittery eye shadow to the inner corner of your eyes and along the eyelid.

Step 6 – Stick on false lashes

Put a little DUO glue on the back of your hand, then, using a small paint brush, apply a little glue to the lash line of the false lashes and stick them to your eye lashes.

Step 7 – Apply eyeliner

Apply the Rimmel eyeliner to your eyes, drawing on a flick at the end. When you move on to the second eye keep checking the first one so you keep your makeup symmetrical.

Step 8 – Apply lipstick

Line your lips with the MAC lip pencil, then fill in the lips with the Bobbi Brown red lipstick using a lip brush. Blot your lips on a tissue and re-apply your lipstick; this will make the colour last the whole day and give you a really intense colour.

Step 9 – Apply blush

Apply the MAC blush to the apples of your cheeks and onto your cheek bones using a blusher brush. Don’t apply too much, as you just want to bring a little colour to your face.