Tie your table plan into your rustic wedding theme with this creative DIY project by wedding planner Olivia Mills at Host Event Management. Incorporating DIY into your wedding will help save you and your hubby tons of money!

Rustic ladder table plan

What you’ll need

  • Wooden ladder
  • Table plan cards
  • Twine or ribbon
  • Drawing pins
  • Mini-pegs
  • Scissors


      1. Source a ladder – you may have one lurking at home, or a family member might. If not, look online for vintage wooden ladders, you can find them there from just £25 – a real bargain!
      2. Decide on the finish of the ladder, it looks great in its original condition – with a few paint splatters included, of course! Alternatively you could paint it to match your colour scheme giving it a fab finish.
      3. Once your table plan has been finalised, ask your stationer to create some individual table plan cards. If you’re working with a smaller budget you can source these online or make some yourself by using Kraft card and printing out the table plan details.
      4. Get hold of some twine or ribbon and cut to desired length to run across the width of the ladder. Fix the ends round the back of the ladder with drawing pins.
      5. Place your table cards onto the ribbon with mini pegs, Hobbycraft is a great place to pick them up at a bargain price – you can place them in any way you wish.
      6. Add your finishing touches – use pretty floral jam jars or jugs to sit on the steps, or even photographs. Anything goes!

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