There are fans and then there are number one fans.

craig-david-weddingLisa Potter-Coyne, 29, and her new hubby Theo Coyne, 28, are certainly the latter when it comes to the R’n’B singer Craig David. After attending a number of his concerts, the couple decided to try and invite the star to their wedding.

The couple started a massive twitter campaign and made a spoof YouTube video inviting him to their wedding. Craig David, after watching the video, decided the least he could do was fly 1500 miles across the globe to sing in the couple’s back garden in Cambridgeshire where he performed for free!

David, 31, touched by the admission that Theo and Lisa had been to over 25 of his concerts and that his music had actually brought them closer, took up the offer.

He was also moved to discover that Theo had raised both his younger brothers when their parents died young of cancer.

If you could have anyone perform on your big day, who would it be?

Let us know! x


  1. This is AWESOME – Theo Coyne rocks! Lisa is a lucky bride, I’m sure they are going to have a wonderful life together if the effort they’ve put into their wedding day is anything to go by. Well done Craig David for turning up, a well deserved treat for Theo & Lisa I think. I wonder which Craig David track they chose for their first dance!


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