Hand casting

If you’re looking for a showstopper of an idea that really makes your special day stand out, how about casting your newlywed hands entwined as part of your actual ceremony?

With a bit of planning and the help of a creative friend, one couple made sure that they would have a permanent and tangible reminder of their magical day. Using a hand casting kit from The Edinburgh Casting Studio, the bride and groom dipped their hands into a pot of casting jelly to create a sculpture of their hands in a classic, romantic pose.

Hand casting kit

The groom, Rob was blown away with the results: “We loved it so much – just an amazing unique gift and event for our wedding. It was such a highlight… apart from the whole, you know, getting married part!”

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If you’re thinking of trying it yourself, Lianne, who carried out the casting, offered a few invaluable tips: “Make sure you’re super prepared and that the bride and groom know exactly what they’re doing. Speak to the venue beforehand to make sure you’ve got access to water and electricity, and bring an electric whisk with you!”

To find out more, visit edinburghcasting.com

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