Thinking about a minimoon in Cornwall? These are best minimoon activities to do with your loved one in Cornwall to toast married life.

Credit: Belinda Fewings via Unsplash

The Eden Project

Get curious about our planet’s spectacular and diverse plants, flowers and trees at the world’s largest indoor rainforest – The Eden Project in St Austell, Cornwall. Built on the site of a disused clay mine, the entirely man-designed living landscape features two world-famous geodesic domes as the main attraction; the first, a 50-metre-high rainforest biome which houses thousands of plants and trees and recreates the tropical heat and environments found in places such as southeast Asia, west Africa and south America.

The Eden Project, Cornwall

Expect to feel the humidity as you spot waterfalls, banana trees, carnivorous plants, and follow spice trails before encountering a host of crops used for fuel, medicine, material and food. With the environmental conditions of the Mediterranean alongside South Africa, Western Australia and California, the Mediterranean Biome is where you’ll walk with the scent of orange blossom, lemon trees and bougainvillea in the air over at a Moorish-inspired perfume garden, and meander down paths leading to ancient olive trees.

Learn about grape vines and the Greek god of wine, Dionysus, via artist Tim Shaw’s Bacchanalian sculpture depicting the myth before you hop over to the acclaimed Terrace Restaurant and order a plateful of olives and wash them down with chilled bottle of rose.

The Eden Project, Cornwall. Credit: Tamsyn Lewis

Once you’re fully fortified, head back to the Rainforest Biome and attempt crossing the Indiana Jones’ style wobbly bridge or climbing the steps to the Aerial Walkway and Rainforest lookout points which tower high above the treetops. As the entire site covers 35 acres, most of the garden exhibitions are outdoors and there are plenty of hidden paths and trails with dazzling flower beds to explore hand-in-hand.

Food served on-site is both locally and ethically sourced (Eden Project is in the top three of the Soil Association’s Out To Lunch league table this year which rates UK attractions offering sustainable, healthy and freshly prepared food) with many dishes featuring ingredients grown on-site at the plant nursery.

Weddings at the Eden Project

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For couples wanting an eco-conscious, weather-proof UK wedding with the feel and look of being abroad (and without the air miles involved in jetting off to the Caribbean or the Med) The Eden Project can now host civil ceremonies and receptions inside the both the Rainforest Biome and Mediterranean Biome.

The Malaysian House in the Rainforest Biome offers a rustic and beautiful backdrop for tying the knot as does the waterfall. Menus for either traditional three course wedding breakfasts or cocktail style banquets consist of high quality seasonal-fare, most of which is sourced locally too.

The Eden Project ( For further visitor information, visit tourism board Visit Cornwall.

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Global Boarders Surf Lessons

They teach every water sport under the sun here; from coasteering and kayaking to paddleboarding and deep-sea fishing, but surfing is both the school’s bread and butter and the passion of everyone at Global Boarders.

Gwithian Beach. Credit: Visit Cornwall

Founded by professional surfer and England team captain, Chris Brown, the school is located on the high sandy dunes overlooking Gwithian beach, a three-mile long golden beach in West Cornwall voted one of the UK’s top 10 surf locations. It’s a surf school that operates more like an intensive ski- school with a similar seasonal basis (though the COVID-19 pandemic and a recent surge in festive breaks and minimoons in Cornwall has resulted in surf lessons now available from November – March too).

Gwithian is a great location whether you’re seasoned pros or total novices precisely because of a constant swell and consistent quality waves to suit all abilities (the Godrevy end of has the largest waves. We’re here for a private one-to-two private lesson. The lessons can be bought as a package and are a great gift idea for couples on a minimoon or couples who maybe booking a longer international surfing or adventure honeymoon later on and who just need to get some practice in first.

Getting Started

On arrival at the school (by the Jam Pot Café, great snacks and views to Godrevy Lighthouse) we’re greeted by Chris who introduces us to our instructor, Ava. Fully qualified, she’s been surfing ever since she can remember.

Now she gets to catch the biggest waves after clocking off work. Once we’re changed into thick hyperthermal and sanitised wetsuits, we’re ready for action. The first part of lesson starts on land (at the beach) with a safety briefing, an introduction to our boards followed by a training drill on how to get onto the boards and enter the water.

The coaching is beyond world class – Ava is super friendly, positive and passionate about teaching others. Other qualified instructors like Steve and Ami are equally friendly and knowledgeable too.

St Ives. Credit: Angela Pham via Unsplash

The rules are lie tummy down and paddle like mad with your hands until you catch a wave you’re able to ride. From there, you’ve got to propel yourself up with your arms until you’re kneeling with one foot forward for balance as you begin standing upright. Sounds OK, we think. We’re going to cruise through.

So, we get ahead of ourselves by doing a few more drills before we’re asked to. As we practice, Ava, gently reminds us we are currently on land, of course. The water is going to be harder to navigate, but not to worry, as this is a one-to-one session, she’ll be getting into the sea with us and will help us back onto our boards whenever we fall off. Phew.

Surf’s Up

We are in the water, and it takes a great, great, many defeats, before we’re anywhere near standing up on our boards. Sand feels like it’s stuck to every eyelash and even the tiniest, frothy, foamy wave seems to knock us all over the place. We don’t have time to sort out our foot positions before we’re thrown overboard again. And then, something gives. Our bodies are suddenly upright and riding a wave (or a ‘breaking wave’ if we’re getting technical here).

It feels glorious and goliath for that briefest of moments before it’s over. And that’s how we get right back on again (the wet suits massively help with staying put in the Atlantic to be fair). Those thrilling, unforgettable flashes of losing balance but not determination, of crashing into the ocean and riding the waves are magical and Ava stays with us to make sure we have more of them by constantly praising and championing our small wins they way Chris has taught all his instructors to do.

We surf for another 30 minutes before the waters become too choppy. That’s when Ava, Steve and the rest of the instructors bid us farewell, grab their ultra-thin, fiberglass boards and head for the long sharp breaks in the distance.

How to Book

Visit Global Boarders online to book or call the team on 07769 831578 to find out more. Beach Car Park, Castle Dr, Praa Sands, Penzance TR20 9TG.

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