There are some of us who undoubtedly dream of their wedding day being surrounded by loved ones.

It just wouldn’t seem right saying your wedding vows with just strangers present, no speeches, no dancing the night away with your closest friends, would it?

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Today more and more couples are now opting for elopement weddings. The word ‘elopement’ has actually changed in its meaning over the years and no longer refers to young couples sneaking off to tie the knot. Now it’s more about small, intimate weddings with just the bride and groom or a very small bridal party, pre-planned or just spontaneous.

The Amalfi Coast in Italy is a super popular and fashionable place to do this, and Victoria from Sophisticated Weddings, wedding planner in Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast, decided to delve into the reasons why…

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So why do couples elope? Victoria says it is mainly due to money, time, stress, and changing attitudes amongst couples.

With the average cost of weddings rising year on year, it’s no wonder that elopement weddings are becoming more and more popular with UK brides and grooms. There are many benefits of opting for a smaller and less formal wedding. The average cost of a wedding in the UK has grown steadily, and now stands around £20,000, according to many estimates, which means couples are looking for less expensive alternatives!

Despite the important financial aspect, changes in family structures have also meant that couples decide the large and lavish style wedding may not be for them.


Families are more complicated today – some with multiple sets of in-laws, step-siblings, and other extended family. A small elopement wedding reduces or eliminates the drama of who to invite, where to seat them, and so on. Plus, the average age of people getting married has increased over the years, with younger people choosing to further their career before settling down. There is no longer a stigma attached to living together before getting married, and this change in attitude often means that couples are less concerned about having a traditional, large wedding. In addition to this, the number of second marriages, which often lend themselves to smaller ceremonies, is also on the rise!says Victoria.

The Amalfi Coast provides an absolutely stunning backdrop for intimate weddings. The scenery is truly stunning and there are many options available in Sorrento, Positano, Ravello or the famous island of Capri.


Victoria continues: “Just because a couple have decided to marry without the presence of family and friends, it doesn’t mean that they are completely alone. Many clients instruct wonderful photographers and videographers who are able to take the time to create beautiful, timeless photographs. These can be shared with family members on their return.

The worry for some couples is that they will upset family members, but my experience has shown many families are very supportive and understanding. Often the bride and groom organise a celebration or party back in the UK which gives them a chance to have something more informal and fun, without worrying about the intricate details, dramas and formalities of a wedding day.

If you are considering an elopement wedding on the Amalfi Coast, or require any further information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Victoria at Sophisticated Weddings!