From our brand new destination issue for September we cover everything that you should consider when planning your dream day in your dream location! Wether it’s magnificent mountains, beautiful beaches or city chic your dream destination wedding is calling… Gabi and Jonas Final_ 0110


While a short hop up the motorway is expected when it comes to attending weddings, choosing a wedding abroad means your guests will have to fork out for flights and might need to book time off work. When choosing your destination, it’s important to consider how easy it will be for guests to attend. Short-haul locations with cheap flight options will likely mean more of your guests are able to share your special day. If having all of your friends and family around you is essential, consider contributing to the travel costs or whether a wedding abroad really is the right choice for you. Sam_Anton_001


To avoid the hassle of translations and obtaining and assembling all the required documents, why not legally marry in the UK first? You can then jet off with peace of mind to enjoy a beautiful blessing and reception abroad. Alternatively, check and double check what paperwork is required, take it in your hand luggage and make sure you have several spare copies to hand.


For many couples who choose to marry overseas, the climes are one of the biggest appeals. Reliable sunshine and crystal clear skies make for a stunning setting, but they also come with higher temperatures. Choose your gown accordingly, favouring lighter materials like chiffon over heavier styles. If you’re marrying in the mountains or an icy paradise, accessorising with a faux-fur wrap is essential – don’t forget some for your maids, too! The climate will also affect hair and makeup choices – hot and humid conditions can spell disaster for curls. Grooms might want to add or remove layers from their suits, with many opting simply for a smart waistcoat and short sleeve shirt, forgoing the formal jacket altogether. A1908


Book any extra suitcases you need in advance to avoid hefty airport charges, remembering to save space for any wedding gifts you might receive, and keep all essentials like your wedding rings and documents in your hand luggage. Speak to your airline and bridal boutique before you fly – they will often be able to provide you with a flight box for your wedding gown and allow you to take it on the plane as additional hand luggage.

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