Traditionally, wedding rings are a single metal band, perfectly resembling the never-ending commitment when you and your partner. There are so many metals to choose from, and you can even have them adorned with beautifully tiny diamonds to add a touch of sparkle to your finger.


Ultimately, choosing a pair of wedding rings is an opportunity to show the world what your relationship is like, and that’s no easy feat! It’s perhaps one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in the wedding planning process, so to make the task a little easier, we spoke to 77 Diamonds for their advice. Check out the most common mistakes that you’ll do well to avoid…

Buying the first thing you see

When choosing your wedding rings together, try not to expect to find the perfect ring straight away. It’s very rare that you’ll both set your hearts on the first pair you see, so be prepared to consider lots of different styles, widths, metals and designs until you’re both happy! It’s really important that you both like the rings because you’re going to be wearing them for a very long time after all.


Going for a fashionable piece

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Although you may love a beautifully colourful diamond-set wedding band right now, many people change their mind somewhere along the line. Be cautious when choosing something fashionable, as trends come and go, and you want to be sure you’re still going to love it in 50 years time! If you’re thinking about incorporating a colour, make sure it’ll match the shades and styles you usually wear – you don’t want to have to plan your wardrobe around your wedding rings.

Not leaving enough time

Picking out your wedding rings fairly early on will give you both plenty of time to make sure you’re happy with them, as well as making sure they’re the right fit. Your wedding rings should be unique to your individual tastes, but they can often take time to arrive, so once you’ve decided what you’d both like, hurry up and place your order!


Not getting the right fit

Be sure to know the size of the ring you’ll require when it comes to choosing your jewellery. You can get special ring size measures online, or use an online chart to find the right fit. If you currently have a ring that you feel fits perfectly, try to go with that ring’s size as that way, your wedding bands are more likely to fit comfortably.

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Matchy matchy

Another thing to think about is how your wedding ring will look with your engagement ring. If your engagement ring is particularly detailed, you may want to opt for a simple wedding band to really show it off or not steal the focus. It’s also advisable to consider the width of your wedding band and make sure it complements your engagement ring, too.


Your wedding rings are one of the most important features of your wedding day. They are a symbol of your love! Your rings are personal to you, so by avoiding these common mistakes, together you can find a style you’ll be more than happy to wear for the rest of your lives. Want more advice on choosing your rings? We’ve got more top tips right here…