Colourful engagement rings are in and we are loving the trend.

Colourful engagement ring blue
Credit: Andy Holmes via Unsplash

The timelessness of a clear diamond ring is undeniable. Its classic allure never seems to fade. However, in recent years, another trend has taken hold: colourful engagement rings. “More and more customers are looking for unique ways to make even the simplest design bolder and more beautiful” explains Taylor & Hart’s creative director, Jason D’Heureux.

It seems that among the traditional sea of clear crystal diamonds is now a ripple of colour, promising authentic elegance.

Jason D’Heureux: “Coloured gemstones including sapphires, rubies and emeralds, known for their iconic and vibrant shade, offer a wide spectrum of colours to express your creativity in a unique and personal fashion. From Kate Middleton’s heirloom sapphire engagement ring to Katy Perry’s vintage-inspired ruby and diamond cluster, we’re seeing royals and pop stars alike embrace coloured engagement rings”.

Whether inspired by personal style, money or ethics, colourful engagement rings are growing in popularity.

Keep reading to discover our favourite colourful engagement rings:


Emerald-cut Yellow Sapphire on Bead-set Diamond Band Ring

By Taylor & Hart


yellow sapphire diamond engagement ring

What yellow sapphire symbolises: Power and strength as well as kindness and wise judgement.

This stunning ring is a bespoke piece, designed by Taylor & Hart. The personal nature of a ring such as this makes it particularly special. Because it is unique, it is difficult for a stranger to give it value money-wise. For this reason, its sentimental value increases.


Diana and Kate inspired Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

By PurelyDiamonds


blue sapphire engagement ring

What blue sapphire symbolises: 

This pick is inspired by one of the most iconic coloured gemstone rings of all time. The wedding ring worn by Princess Diana and inherited by Kate Middleton. Needless to say that the royal blue sapphire is a source of inspiration for the colourful engagement ring trend. This ring from Purely Diamonds is an oval-cut blue sapphire, surrounded by diamonds that are set in a cluster design.


Peridot and Diamond Halo Cluster Ring

By PurelyDiamonds

peridot engagement ring

What peridot symbolises: Clarity of thought and patience. Also prosperity and happiness.

A strikingly unique engagement ring with a round-cut peridot gemstone set in its centre. The claw design with clustered diamonds ensures that this ring is opulent in its own way.


Pear-shaped Ruby and Diamond Cluster Ring

By PurelyDiamonds

ruby engagement ring

What ruby symbolises: Good fortune, love and loyalty. Also, creativity.

The ruby is a deep red gemstone and therefore a popular choice for women opting for a colourful engagement ring. The colour symbolises love and passion and the ruby stone has excellent durability. What gemstone is better suited to being an engagement ring?


Golden Citrine and Diamond Ring

By PurelyDiamonds

citrine engagement ring

What citrine symbolises: Vibrancy, energy and imagination.

A simple and elegant style, this ring is classic but with a pop of colour. The clean band, made of 18ct white gold, makes the golden citrine gem a statement.


Pink Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

By The Diamond Store

pink sapphire engagement ring

What pink sapphire symbolises: Trust and loyalty, love and forgiveness.

If you are getting ready to propose, or choosing your own engagement ring, what this gemstone represents is beautiful. This ring is feminine and glamorous, as the pink sapphire is surrounded by diamonds for an extra sparkle.


Blue Topaz and Diamond Engagement Ring

By The Diamond Store

Blue Topaz and Diamond Asteria Ring

What blue topaz symbolises: Calm and peacefulness. Believed to have spiritual healing powers.

This gorgeous, blue ring glistens in the sun and is bluer than the sky. The same colour as tropical waters, blue topaz is a serene choice for your colourful engagement ring.


Emerald and Diamond Engagement Ring

By The Diamond Store

Emerald engagement ring

What emerald symbolises: Freshness and vitality as well as unconditional love and compassion.

A gold band encrusted with diamonds and a cluster of emeralds, this engagement ring is a statement piece.


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