They may not look like traditional wedding dresses, but coloured wedding dresses are taking the world by storm.

coloured-wedding-dresses-emmacasephotographyColoured wedding dresses are an up-and-coming trend for 2013. With designers like Ian Stuart, Vera Wang and Mori Lee breaking boundaries with unusual coloured gowns, we’ll be expecting other designers to be following in their footsteps pretty soon.

Some brides wear super-sparkly jewellery, others wear an interesting headpiece or bright-coloured shoes to make a statement, so why not make a coloured gown the stand-out element to your outfit? Perhaps this is something for the more fashion-forward or the braver brides at the moment, but with more and more wedding traditions being replaced by modern ideas, coloured wedding dresses could become part of the norm.

A splash of colour

Do you choose your coloured wedding dress around your theme or does your theme revolve around your dress? If you’re having a summer wedding, bright yellows and floral patterns will look amazing, whereas a red wedding dress would also look gorgeous at a Christmas wedding.

But remember, don’t overdo it. A coloured wedding dress is a statement in itself. Choose a colour that you would be happy to wear any other day of the week, don’t go out and buy a hot pink dress on a whim. You should also keep in mind the colour of the bridesmaid dresses, colour clashing can look good if it’s done well, otherwise keep it simple.

Coloured wedding dresses gallery

Are you having a dress that isn’t white? If you had to choose a colour other than white or ivory, what would you choose?

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