Deciding on the style of engagement ring that will suit you is a hugely personal choice and should say something about your personality – after all, your engagement ring is forever and one of the symbols of your marriage that will live way beyond the details of your actual wedding day.Whether your style is subtle or statement with a vast choice of cuts, carats, shapes and stones crafted, colour diamond experts Leibish & Co. share the less-traditional coloured ring trend that has us lusting after some seriously sparkling gemstone alternatives.

Grooms, if were talking directly to you and a coloured gemstone ring could be the perfect precious stone proposal consider the significance of the colour to your bride-to-be such as her birthstone, eye colour and hair colour and equally the type of jewellery metal colours that she will wear alongside that will enhance her natural features and make your sparkler of choice all the more sentimental!

R e g a l  R u b i e s 

The blood-red ruby named after ‘ruber’ (latin for red) possesses the ultimate balance of passion and purity. It’s regal red intensity is seen to be one of the most romantic precious gemstones paired with the angelic brilliance of a diamond setting that will have any bride-to-be blushing. Both feminine and robust in nature, the jewelled deep pink lends itself to the era of all things Art deco – perfect for a bride who might opt for something vintage in style. In honour of July-born brides, Grooms a Ruby engagement ring could be for you a no-brainer opportunity to consider her natural-birthstone that will give your choice even more significance.



For 2017, we have our hearts set on the fierce, sultry velvet tones of enriching plum, garnet and vermillion that will give red an element of attitude to dress everything from jewellery, make-up, table details and bouquets with subtlety.

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S e n s u a l  S a p p h i r e s


Natural Sapphires are renowned for their deep ocean lustre often as rich as royal navy and varying all the way down to an extremely elegant cornflower blue – it’s no wonder that these precious azure jewels are amongst the very few chosen to betroth our very own royal family! Like many, you may have expected the more traditional diamond – after all diamonds are forever…but they aren’t for everyone! From one special lady to the next and as a commemorative gesture, Prince William popped the question to Kate with his late mother’s 18 carat central sapphire, encrusted with 14 sparkling diamonds to complete a beautiful cluster oval ring fit for a princess. If it’s good enough for royalty it’s good enough for us! The Sapphire celebrates the birth stone of September-born brides and for those of you who are wondering whether this statement sparkler is the right hue for you, it’s brilliant blue embodies both class and ambition and will complement a brunette or bold blonde colouring.




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E t h e r e a l  E m e r a l d s

This garden-jaded gem of the spring at it’s finest quality can be more valuable than the diamond and it’s entrancing goddess-like green has one of the highest colour saturations that make this jewel so electric to the eye. Concentrated and cut into reflective rectangular steps, due to it’s density the same carat Emerald compared to a diamond will look magnified in size. The sacred colour of nature itself couldn’t be more apt for the coming year to welcome the newly announced Pantone colour of 2017 – ‘greenery’. The citrus tone embodies a greater desire derived from the submerge of modern life, to essentially feel grounded to all that is natural, to evoke new beginnings and inspire the world of design. Expect Jewellery and decor to take inspiration from these coveted exotic emerald hues and foliage similarly to continue to claim the principal role over flowers in weddings colours of 2017! From classic Emerald cut to vintage Halo settings, Leibish & Co have an extensive range of quality cut styles to suit the modern,vintage, classic and unique bride.



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