The first big milestone of adulthood. The start of a lifelong commitment. The happiest day of your life. Your wedding day is all these things, so a great deal of time – and money – goes into ensuring that it will be special. Every detail has to be right: the dress and suit, the flowers, the food, the band, the venues – and the car.

Yes, the wedding car is an important and intrinsic part of the wedding day experience, and selecting the right vehicle requires careful thought. Classic cars are currently providing a stylish alternative, fitting in with the trend for all things vintage!


With the demand for the vintage look, stronger than ever, make sure your entrance and exit is equally as stylish as your big day!


It’s all about colour

Classic cars have become more popular than vintage wedding cars in recent years, because the vintage cars don’t attract the younger brides these days,” Didier Di Mario of Prestige Wedding Cars told us.

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They tend to go more for the classic car look, partly because they’re more comfortable to be driven in than vintage models. Classic cars also come in many different shapes and colours: not so many brides tend to opt for the traditional ivory and white.”

Phil Rowe of Vintage Classics suggests a reason for that shift. “People are tending to go away from the traditional white car. I don’t know if that’s the photographer’s input: if the bride has a white dress, photographers like a contrasting colour. We’re finding that our red cars are popular.”

Trends in colours are changing,” added Di Mario. “We’re seeing green-coloured cars becoming more popular and also cars in light shades.”


The classic look

Joey McGinn, a trends researcher and lecturer, had a very definite idea about the vintage theme for her wedding – for her a classic car was an integral element.

We had a vintage wedding because I’d always loved vintage clothes and going to markets – plus it was part of my job at the time, travelling around”. We also both loved that style, which was more individual and personal. Now it’s quite mainstream to have a vintage wedding, so it’s kind of come full circle. But I’d started collecting vintage china and teacups, that sort of thing, and family started to help, so in the end we collected about 200 sets, plus table cloths and everything else.”

So, having a classic car really just fitted in and we didn’t want a clichéd wedding car: I wanted something with a bit more meaning. And it so happened that my godfather had a 1954 MG TF 1250, which he offered to us and insured it for the day as a wedding present to us. When he said that, it was perfect, because it was also something that had a connection to us.”

We used it for the day and it was perfect, because it tied in with everything. That theme has definitely become more popular and people seem to want something with more meaning, or a history, or character, rather than just having a modern car like everyone else. That’s a trend that is continuing to grow.”

People want something different: they want to stand out: so having a tractor, or an old bus, or a classic car can do that for them.”


With the demand for the vintage look, stronger than ever, make sure your entrance and exit is equally as stylish as your big day!



Having a classic car as part of the wedding celebrations has also led to less of a reliance on chauffeur-driven limousines and move towards self-drive options. Surely there is nothing more romantic than being whisked away to paradise with your newlywed!

The beauty of doing a self-drive wedding is that you’re not constrained: some people have the car for an extra day and it’s part of their honeymoon,” said Phil Rowe.

And if you’re going to drive yourself, why not go for something less sedate and bit sportier?

The Austin Healy is really popular: it’s not very practical, as the interior space is pretty limited compared to modern cars, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Rowe added.

It’s mainly down to shape and colour. Sports cars are popular: E-Types, Alfa Romeos, an MG C and the Jaguar Mk2 – which is very popular.”

With young couples being exposed to trends that change under the influence of films, fashion and popular culture, along with a desire to inject an element of individuality into their special day, the popularity of classic cars looks like it will only increase in the coming years.


With the demand for the vintage look, stronger than ever, make sure your entrance and exit is equally as stylish as your big day!