Civil ceremony music can be whatever the bride or groom want it to be. We’ve got 10 top reasons why we think you should think about having wedding pianist’s play throughout your big day.

  1. Pleasant background music for a civil ceremony can entertain your guests during their meal at your wedding reception, without overpowering their conversations.
  2. A gentle, romantic piano accompaniment will enhance the ambience of the civil ceremony throughout the day.
  3. You can hire a wedding pianist to play for two hours while you relax and enjoy yourselves – maybe between the reception and evening celebrations, or perhaps during the drinks reception before your guests sit down for their meal.
  4. A wide variety of tunes and songs are available to suit your mood or theme – anything from popular classical music, film scores or pop music!
  5. Special tunes can be played for you and your new husband, with prior arrangement.
  6. Your guests can request songs they know and love throughout the evening.
  7. Talented guests may even be encouraged to show off their vocal skills and sing along with the piano. If they’re feeling brave, they could try their hand at tinkling the ivories after the pianist has gone home.
  8. Hiring a pianist for your wedding reception can work out to be a very cost-effective option, especially for couples who are on a budget. If you’re on an even tighter budget, think about any friends of family member that you could ask and they can play as a wedding gift for you.
  9. Think about hiring a wedding pianist, can travel anywhere in the UK to your reception. You simply hire the piano for the day and he can just arrive and start playing – perfect!
  10. Because you can hire the piano yourself, you can get one to fit in with your big day theme – imagine a white grand piano in the corner of the room, that would really set the tone of the evening as something special.


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