You like it, but you don’t love it. If you’re thinking that you’ve made a bad decision, here are the signs that you’ve chosen the wrong wedding dress:

You can’t stop thinking about it

The wedding dress you chose is constantly going through your mind, and for all the wrong reasons. Even though you’ve got a dress, you still find yourself looking for new ones online, on Pinterest and window shopping on your lunch break. S&S-182

You keep going back to the same (different) dress

There’s this one particular dress, that’s not the one you chose, that you have a special feeling about. Your full of regret for not taking that one to the till instead!

You didn’t have ‘the moment’

All the brides on the TV programmes have it, all your friends you’ve been wedding dress shopping with have it… why didn’t you have it? The special feeling you get when you try on ‘the one’ is something that leads to non-stop smiling, and maybe even bringing a tear to your eye, all because you know it’s the perfect dress for you.

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You were too concerned with the budget

Sticking to your wedding budget is an important thing to do, but don’t let the specifics restrict you – sometimes you spend more for one aspect of your wedding than you planned, sometimes you spend less. When it comes to your dream dress, don’t restrict yourself too much!

You felt rushed

Most girls don’t realise that you don’t find your perfect wedding dress straight away. It’s not a walk in, see it, buy it kind of job. It takes time, and a lot of trying on. Don’t let yourself get into a panic about not finding ‘the one’ after trying on thirty dresses, because it will only lead you to make a rushed decision. CG 009

You tried too hard to please everyone

Wedding dress shopping is such a nice experience for everyone involved; you’ll probably invite along your bridesmaids, your mum, maybe even your mother-in-law if she’s lucky! But with all these faces gazing up at you in these different dresses, you might end up being too heavily influenced with what they think. Stick to your gut instinct!

It doesn’t suit your wedding

It’s important to know the way you want your wedding to be before going shopping, or at least vaguely how you want it to be! Why? Because if you pick a glamorous fishtail gown and then go on to plan a wedding on a farm, you may have some problems. You could be stuck in the mud before you know it. ClaireMark-140

It doesn’t show your personality

Last but certainly not least – you want your dress to show your personality! You don’t want to choose a dress that would make your groom double take to check it’s definitely you walking down the aisle. What you do want is to feel comfortable, confident and sexy – that way you’re guaranteed to wow him!

BUT… you might just be overthinking

If you haven’t shown any of these signs but still thinking you’ve chosen the wrong wedding dress, chances are that you’re overthinking it – one of those things that happen when wedding planning has got a bit too much for you (temporarily, don’t worry!). It’s totally normal for brides to begin to question their dream dress, but when it gets to the big day, those magical feelings you had when you first put it on come flooding back! Trust us on this one. _MAX0570While you’re here, you might want to check out the things that no one tells you about wedding dress shopping, too.