Congratulations, he’s proposed and the engagement ring is just perfect! Now that the wedding plans are underway, you are beginning to look at choosing your wedding bands.

There are so many beautiful styles of wedding rings out there that choosing one can seem a daunting task. Luckily for you, the experts at Hatton Jewels in London have put together a few tips and tricks to consider whilst ring shopping that will make your experience a breeze.

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Choosing the right metal

Now this may seem an obvious decision, but you’ll want to make sure that the actual metal you choose is the same material, and not just the same colour. By choosing different metals, you may find that they start to wear at different rates, often leaving one ring looking more damaged than the other. Speak to your jeweller and let them know what the
engagement ring is made of, they’ll be able to point you in the right direction for the band.


The shape of your wedding band

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If you look at modern engagement rings, as opposed to older styles, you’ll notice that today’s diamond or feature is set much lower than it used to be. If your fiancé has chosen a lower set ring, you will have to consider the shape of the wedding band. Nowadays, most bands are curved which allows it to sit comfortably beneath the engagement ring. Try a
few different shapes on to see which sits best with your engagement ring.



Diamond set wedding bands are great for adding a touch of sparkle, especially if you don’t always plan to wear your engagement ring. You can decide whether you want just half of the band done, or all over for that extra bling. Tell your jeweller about the quality and cut of your engagement ring too, as they will make sure to match the diamonds in your wedding band to the one on your engagement ring. It’s better to match the quality of the diamonds over the two rings so neither one outshines the other. Over 75% of our brides choose the diamond set wedding band.

The width of the ring

You’ll need to consider whether you’ll be wearing both your wedding ring and engagement ring together everyday, as the width if the band will depend on the size of the engagement ring. You don’t want a wide cut wedding ring overshadowing your engagement ring especially if it’s a delicate slim cut. Get the perfect balance by choosing a band that
matches the width and weight of your engagement ring.


Personalising your wedding band

Thanks to your fiancé, your engagement ring has a lot of planning, preparation and thought behind it. So why not put that same care into your wedding band. A personal touch on the band such as engravings can make it extra special, especially if you are choosing a very simple band. A popular choice is the wedding date and initials inside the band, (though we’re not expecting you to need a reminder of the date!).


Whilst Hatton Jewels have a stunning collection available online, you can also book a personal appointment at their garden showroom in London. With the guidance of an expert jeweller, choosing your wedding bands has never been so easy.