Want a simple yet effective way of transforming your wedding venue without breaking the bank?

Here the team from Dossier Hire explain how the humble chair cover can help you tie a room together and set the tone for your event…

Get it right!

It’s so important to get your chair covers right; ensuring your linen blends well together is fundamental. If you’ve got ivory tablecloths we’d recommend you avoid white chair covers, especially if you’re venue is well-lit, as the white can really show up the ivory and make it look dirty. The same goes for napkins too.

Make sure you get a swatch or sample of the chair cover fabric if it’s not white. Ivory can be quite a loose definition for a colour as we’ve found out, with some companies providing a very dark and almost yellow ivory, and others at the other end of the spectrum supplying a very pale and almost white ivory. Checking you’ve got a consistent shade of colour, despite them all having the same name, can spare you from the shock and horror on the day of discovering your tablecloths and chair covers clash.

Experiment with colours

Be experimental and creative with your venue décor, too. You don’t have to be tied down by having just one colour for every chair, but could have a beautiful palette of harmonious colours that alternate each chair or are different for each table. You shouldn’t be charged any extra for having more than one colour of sash – we certainly don’t charge for that!

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Other ideas could include having two sashes per chair or tying into the sash items part of your theme, which might be flowers, raffia or pinecones – as long as it doesn’t cause damage to the fabric so we wouldn’t suggest candles! For brides who don’t mind pushing the boat out a bit, you could get fabric flower attachments or other exclusive decorations for each chair to give a really stylish touch, or even a bespoke design for the chair covers themselves.

Tradition can be great, but we think that sometimes you need to break the mold and get creative to find something that’s truly you, and your chair covers can play a big part in that. Visit dossierhire.com for more ideas or to order some high quality chair covers and sashes.