What To Seriously Consider When Choosing Your Honeymoon Package.

Make sure you and h2b have fully discussed each of these essential honeymoon questions before you book the holiday of a lifetime! Consider what you both want – where you will and won’t feel safe, how much your budget will stretch to if you plan to go steer clear of all-inclusive and finally… research, research, research! Here’s what you need to consider…

How to choose Honeymoon Package
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1. Work out what it is you both want, and if you can meet in the middle.

…And if you really can’t decide, how about following the trend for dual-centre honeymoons?

2. Avoid the trouble spots but don’t be put off by alarmist reports

Check out the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advice before you book. travelaware.campaign.gov.uk is great.

3. Search out the hidden gems – don’t go for the obvious choices

You might think of the Caribbean and Maldives as ultimate beach destinations, but how about Florida Keys or Zanzibar?

4. Can you really do nothing for two whole weeks?

You might think that lying on the beach for two weeks sounds perfect, but…

5. Think about vaccinations and any local health risks

Research your destination thoroughly before you go, for things like the Zika epidemic if you are planning a family sometime afterwards.

6. Bear in mind how much work holiday you have left

Obviously there’s no point in planning a round-the-world trip if you have only have ten days left to take…

How To Choose Your Honeymoon Package

7. Whether the weather be good, or whether the weather be bad…

Just be careful that you don’t choose to go somewhere in tropical storm season. Some of the top honeymoon spots suffer from bad seasons.

8. Time to get out and about, see things and do stuff

Are you happy to stay in your hotel and resort, or do you want somewhere that you can explore outside. It’s the difference between the Maldives and the Caribbean…

9. Bear in mind how much the added extras will be…

You may have found a great deal on the flight and the hotel, but unless it’s all-inclusive you could find that costs of in-hotel drinks and excursions make it all a bit of a misery. Time to go all-inclusive? The way to decide is to do your homework on the hotel. Will the flight and hotel deal free up £££ to cover the extra costs when you get there? Is an all-inclusive package going to be more cost-effective in the long run? They key is to shop around and compare. Decide what you want to get out of your trip – are you happy to stay in one area where an all-inclusive package will look after you. If you’re planning to move around and stay in multiple places, you won’t  get the potential benefits of an all-inclusive deal.

10. Do you definitely want to go long-haul straight after the wedding?

More and more couples are choosing to have a mini moon – maybe a long weekend break in the UK – and planning a big trip on their anniversary…

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