From rings and bracelets to earrings and necklaces, here’s a few tips to help you choose your bridal jewellery for your wedding day, with guidance from the best experts in the industry.

Bridal jewellery

Bridal Jewellery Tips From the top Jewellery Experts

What advice can you offer to brides in search of jewellery for their wedding day?

Dinny Hall, British jewellery designer says:The dress comes first, and your choice of jewellery should enhance it like the icing on a cake. The only rule we have is that ‘less is more’, and that the jewellery should be beautiful, but not overpowering. We love the combination of pearls and diamonds, but a well-designed white topaz piece set in silver or vermeil works just as well!”

Susannah Lovis from Susannah Lovis Jewellers says: Choose pieces of jewellery that work with other outfits and occasions other than your wedding. If in doubt, hire it. We’re only one of a handful of jewellers that allow you to hire pieces such as tiaras, which may only be worn once in a lifetime.”

What are the upcoming trends in bridal jewellery?

Stephanie Tyler from Purely Diamonds says: “We tend to see a sudden change or influx in diamond shapes and designs around every two to four years. The cushion-cut diamond, particularly in a halo design, was extremely popular for a few years, and now the oval-cut diamond with a delicate shoulder has taken the lead. Having said this, the round-cut diamond in a classic claw setting will always be the most sought-after.”

Dinny Hall

Vivianne Leung from JewelStreet says: “Personalised jewellery and engraved pieces are featuring heavily in AW19. New interpretations of the classics are also emerging, and we’re seeing more brides teaming strong garments like jumpsuits and suit jackets with equally strong and linear jewellery. Simple line studs and angular pendants draw the eye, but don’t detract from the overall look.”

Should I buy vintage bridal jewellery?

Susannah Lovis from Susannah Lovis Jewellers says: “It’s worth considering; vintage jewellery has a history and style to it that can never be mass produced by high-street shops. Whether it’s hand-cut diamonds or bespoke mounts, these are one-off pieces that have a quality of craftsmanship that simply doesn’t exist any more. Craftsmen in Victorian and Edwardian eras were more inventive, and used gemstones not found in modern jewellery, such as topaz, onyx and opal.”

How has ring-shopping changed over the years?

Anna Byers from 77 Diamonds says: “Today’s engagement-ring shopper is better researched than ever before. There’s also a huge increase in the number of people making this important purchase online, consulting diamond certificates from trusted grading labs such as GIA, and reading reviews before they buy.”

Lebrusan Studio

Arabel Lebrusan from Lebrusan Studio says: “We’ve seen a huge shift in brides looking for bespoke rings rather than classic designs. The ring-shopping industry is also moving further away from the high street, but we think it’s still important that you try the real thing before you buy. As an online brand, we’re always happy to meet our customers, to ensure our rings match their expectations.”

Things to avoid when buying your bridal jewellery

Don’t let your bridal jewellery clash with your dress

It goes without saying that your bridal gown will be top of your list when it comes to wedding shopping. Make sure you’ve chosen your dress before you commit to buying any accessories and jewellery – you want to make sure they complement each other! The style, detailing and colour of your dress will all influence your jewellery choices.

Gold looks beautiful with champagne and ivory gowns, while silver suits white dresses best. Add rose gold to an ivory or white gown for a soft and warm jewellery look – just make sure you choose one colour and stick to it.

Don’t choose something you wouldn’t usually pick

One tip we hear from our real brides over and over again is to aim for a look that shows you at your very best. When choosing your jewellery, select the pieces that you feel most comfortable wearing, even if your mum or best friend thinks otherwise. Don’t feel obliged to wear jewellery that you’d never choose any other day.

Don’t forget about your bridal hairstyle

How you plan to wear your hair will influence your jewellery choices. If your hair is down and loose, consider whether a pair of statement earrings will get the attention they deserve, or whether your jewellery budget would be better spent on a glitzy necklace, bracelet or cuff. Likewise, choose a hair comb, vine or tiara that will complement your hair styling.

Don’t forget your wedding theme

Taking inspiration from your wedding theme is an easy way to start searching for all aspects of your wedding day, including your bridal jewellery. If your day is 1920s themed, try a glamorous headpiece to match.

77 Diamonds

If you’re more of a vintage girl, team your lace gown with pearl jewellery to complete the look. Beach and bohemian brides will prefer more laid-back jewellery styles, including anklets for a barefooted bride.

Don’t blow the budget

When budgeting for your wedding, it’s always worth spending money in the areas that will have a significant role in your day. If you’ve been dreaming of diamond bridal jewellery since you were small and your budget allows, go for it!

For many brides, however, their wedding budget is better spent on things like the venue, the flowers or even a little bit extra to put towards their dress. Work out your priorities, then shop for jewellery. Browsing pieces that would blow your budget will only lead to dissatisfaction, so don’t do it!


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