Top bridal designer Nicki Flynn from True Bride knows a thing or two about wedding dresses!

Choosing the right wedding dress for your shape will help you look instantly slimmer, pulling you in at all the right places and accentuating your best bits! So follow Nicki’s top tips and make sure you choose the right frock for your figure…


If you’re an apple

If you’re an apple shape, curve and width defines your figure, with a heavier mid-section and slimmer legs. You likely have a full bust or tummy and your upper back may be broad. Empire line and A-line styles suit your shape to balance your figure as a whole. Empire line styles such as W996 emphasize your bust with a high waist and detract attention from your tummy. A-line styles with slim bodices will also flatter your figure and show off your best assets! Cherry Blossom from the Nicki Flynn collection, above, is a perfect solution.


If you’re a pear

You have a slim torso with a modest bust and small waist, and your hips, bottom and thighs are larger in proportion. Dressing for a pear shape focuses on creating balance; drawing attention to your upper half and creating the illusion of longer legs. Strapless or circular halter necklines work perfectly with your figure and empire line styles such as W124 from True Bride is a great example of how to dress a pear shape.


If you’re an hourglass

An hourglass shape combines a small waist with a medium to full bust, round bottom and naturally curvy hips. With balanced proportions, you suit form-fitting fishtail styles such as Calla from Nicki Flynn or dropped waist gowns such as W129 from True Bride. Use A-line or ball gown styles to cinch in your waist and disguise your wider areas, bringing attention to your upper body. Fabulous fishtail styles such as W120 from True Bride are a perfect example of how to achieve this look with your dress. Don’t be afraid to flaunt your best assets!


If you’re slim

With a slim/athletic or ‘boyish’ figure, you have a modest bust and bottom, often with a ‘rectangular’ frame. You may wish to flaunt your slim build with fluid lines as with True Bridal styles W110 or W998. Another way to dress for your shape is to cleverly create feminine curves using ball gown style full, tulle skirts like the one on Rosabella from Nicki Flynn; adding definition to your silhouette by accentuating your waist, creating a natural, womanly figure.

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