Whether it’s relaxation and holiday bliss or a culture-rich location for an activity-filled trip that you are looking for – The Canary Islands’ has some hidden gems that might tick all the boxes for the perfect honeymoon!




The islands enjoy a mild and pleasant climate which is considered to be the best in the world. The average temperate is between 18C and 24C degrees and the skies are always cloudless – what more could you want on your honeymoon?


The Canary Islands are only 4 hours away from the UK.

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A beach is one of the most romantic settings for a couple. All the islands provide unspoiled beaches and crystal clear waters.

Natural resources

The spa centres in The Canary Islands make full use of all the natural resources provided by the environment to offer treatments such as monotherapy, wine therapy or aloe therapy as well as many more.




The Canary Islands are an exceptional astrotourism destination all through the year thanks to their privileged location and clear protected night skies. Couples can enjoy a drink at an outdoor terrace and experience one of the starriest skies in Europe. What’s more, the islands offer a wide variety of activities for you to do together including scubadiving, walking, biking, seeing wales up close, and many more.