Ordering wedding drinks can be a minefield! How much should you allocate for each person? Read these essential tips from experts Blue Nun and keep the party – and the drinks – flowing on your big day without blowing the budget…


How much to order

Many couples get confused about how much alcohol they need to buy for their big day. To cover both the afternoon and evening reception we would suggest the following per guest. Half a bottle of sparkling wine or Champagne; three quarters of a bottle of white wine; three quarters of a bottle of red wine; half a litre of fresh juice; one litre of water. As a rule of thumb, when in doubt, avoid a drought – it is much better to over-order than to run the risk of under-ordering.

Beware of corkage fees

While some venues or caterers may offer to provide drinks along with their services, you may decide you’d rather provide your own drinks in order to save a little extra cash —but beware of corkage! Corkage fees for each bottle of alcohol you bring can range anywhere from reasonable to astronomical. So if you happen to stumble upon what seems to be a stellar deal on a multi-bottle buy, double check for corkage fees first!


Reception and toasting drinks

Most commonly, flutes of Champagne are served to guests as both the welcome and toasting drinks. However there are some great tasting sparkling wines, Prosecco and Cava available, which can help to keep down costs. If you’re looking to save money without sacrificing elegance and style, instead of serving more pricey Champagnes, why not serve this Sparkling Gold wine which actually sparkles!

Blue Nun Sparkling Gold is designed with the glitz and glamour of special occasions in mind. The Langguth family has used their passion, heritage and expertise to create this light and elegant style wine which has the exciting addition of real 22 carat gold flecks to highlight the natural effervescence of sparkling white wine!

Customise your drinks

Customised cocktails are a big trend in wedding drinks for 2014. Give your guests a taste of your personality by serving a signature drink or two chosen by the bride and groom. Blue Nun’s mixologist has created five sparkling white wine cocktails, each featuring the distinctive floating fine flecks of their delicate 22 carat real gold leaf to give you some inspiration. They are an ideal aperitif or to accompany light bites and hors d’oevres, so are well suited for your special day. Our favourite is the Glitterati which consists of 15ml of Elderflower liqueur or cordial, 10ml of Rose liqueur and Blue Nun sparkling gold wine, topped off with an orange zest garnish!


Charge your glasses – or jars!

You don’t necessarily need to choose traditional fluted champagne glasses either. There is a huge trend at the moment for serving wedding drinks in a variety of different receptacles such as mason jars or jam jars, vintage glasses and even teacups.

Non-alcoholic options

Don’t forget to cater for guests who are not drinking and supply plenty of water, juices or a non-alcoholic cocktail for guests to ensure they pace themselves throughout the day.


Think about seasonality

Dependent on a Spring, Summer or Winter wedding, ensure that your drinks and ingredients reflect the time of year. For example floral and elderflower-based cocktails or Pimm’s for the summer or mulled wine at Christmas!

Wedding drinks as favours

Miniature bottles of alcohol are also proving a popular wedding favour idea for guests. Port or whiskey for the men and sparkling wine or spirits for the ladies.


Decorative extras

Add some personality to your wedding drinks and glasses by looking at a selection of straws, swirlers or glass charms. Decorative ice cubes are big for 2014 also where you can infuse herbs, fresh fruit, and edible flowers into ice cubes to add an extra element of elegance to drinks or to tie into your wedding theme or colour. You can find some fab glass charms and straws in the Wedding Ideas Shop.

Don’t leave anything behind!

Don’t leave bottles on the table. Let your servers pour the wine throughout the night so guests are more apt to drink only what they want. Leaving wine bottles on the table encourages diners to top up each other’s drinks even if they don’t plan on finishing their glasses.

Blue Nun Sparkling Gold is available to buy from Rhythm & Booze stores nationwide, or online from Drinks Direct or The Drink Shop priced at under £10 for a 75cl bottle. Or priced at £2.25 for the mini 200ml bottles, available in ASDA stores nationwide.