How To Get Flawless Celebrity Skin WITHOUT the team of beauty experts…

We all would like to have celebrity skin, but we also do NOT want to add extra steps, and expense to our skincare regime. In this time of instant gratification, we want to see results and FAST!

According to Google’s Beauty Trends 2017 report, “face masks” are one of the most searched skincare trends in 2017. STARSKIN Beauty talk about the best sheet masks on the market to guarantee gorgeous glowing skin in a matter of minutes.


Get flawless celebrity skin

A quality skincare routine

Firstly, The secret to achieving a red-carpet ready complexion lies in quality skincare products and a good skincare regime. Our skin is the largest organ of the body working 24/7 to protect us from harsh weather, UV rays, pollutants and injuries. Setting aside a few minutes each day to care for our skin is a small price to pay isn’t it?

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Daily skin care is important for keeping your skin beautiful and healthy. An essential daily skincare routine should include cleansing, toning and moisturising. And don’t forget the sun cream! Exfoliate once or twice a week and always follow with a pampering mask treatment.

Superfoods skincare

In Korea, the epitome of beauty is healthy, glowing skin. Just like how we eat different foods every day to nourish our bodies with a wide variety of superfoods – the skin also needs a variety of nutrients, actives and replenishment.

The fast-growing STARSKIN range is formulated with a carefully curated list of essential skincare ingredients. Marine algae, green tea and bamboo are traditionally known for their anti-ageing and collagen boosting properties. These extracts have been used for centuries in traditional Korean skincare rituals.

STARSKIN products are free from harsh chemical preservatives, parabens and mineral oils. STARSKIN are adamant about using as many natural ingredients as possible, so masks are suitable for ALL skin types.

Sheet Masks

Sheet masks have been one of the top skincare trends in Korea for 15 years and there’s no sign of beauty-forward consumers giving them up now! Promising instant results with multiple effects, the right sheet mask can boost your skin’s hydration giving an overall brighter appearance.

Sheet masks are easy to use and, depending on the material and formulation, form an effective barrier. Therefore they force-feed a concentrated dose of serum into the skin. This is far beyond what can be applied from the bottle before the serum evaporates.

STARSKIN have a variety of sheet masks to enhance the penetration of essential nutrients deeper into the skin.

Why we love Bio-Cellulose?

Having said that, not all sheet masks are created equal. Compared to traditional cotton, paper or even hydrogel masks, Bio-Cellulose is considered by skincare experts as the gold standard for treating skin. This is due to its superior face adherence, and amazing fluid holding capacity (up to 100 times its weight). This means that more serum can penetrate the skin layers even more effectively to deliver a radiant and dewy complexion.

The properties of this bio-material, derived from fermented, organic and vitamin-rich coconut juice, makes it perfect for dehydrated skin in need of a pick-me-up.


Starskin Bio

Non-water based serums

Waterless skincare is one of Korea’s latest beauty trends set to change the way we nourish our skin, says STARSKIN co-founder Nicole Arnoldussen.

“Most skincare products contain a high percentage of water to act as a carrier for their active ingredients, but water can also dilute the formulation and reduce efficacy. ‘Non-water based’ skincare formulations have a base of botanical extracts (or/and oils) and higher concentrations of vitamins and antioxidants.

STARSKIN’s luxuriously potent and non-water based formulations, The Gold Mask™ and The Diamond Mask™ are soaked in a super softening Evening Primrose extract.

Fermented ingredients

Fermented skincare ingredients are enriched in potent peptides, proteins, antioxidants and amino acids. All of these aid in hydration, improving skin tone and reducing fine lines. This extremely high skin affinity means that fermented skincare is also suitable for dry and sensitive skin types.

Bio-Cellulose masks by STARSKIN are made from fermented coconut juice. The generous amount of serum they are soaked in (30ml) contain active ingredients that have been fermented to maximise the effects.


Any skincare shortcuts?

In February this year, STARSKIN launched a brand NEW mask – 7-Second Morning Mask™ – 7-in-1 Miracle Skin Mask Pads. The 7-Second Morning Mask™ is perfect as a last-minute skin brightening treatment – before a date, special occasion or whenever your skin needs a boost.

Starskin morning mask

 Bride-to-be must-have

Regular exfoliation is an essential part of any weekly skincare routine. Our cult product – Glowstar™ Foaming Peeling Perfection Puff is infused with potent skin-brightening botanicals. Most of all, this product will replicate the results of a professional peel, at home within minutes.

Finally, don’t forget your hands! Our unique double-layer Hollywood Hand Model™ nourishes and moisturises rough hands and cuticles.

STARSKIN was born from an aspiration to create the best possible range of beauty treatments to help women and men attain radiance. At-home skincare innovations that achieve glowing celebrity complexions are just 20 minutes away!