To mark Kate and William’s royal 5-year wedding anniversary we are celebrating with our favourite sapphire sparklers from The London Victorian Ring Co

Sapphires are traditionally known to be the anniversary-gift gemstone to celebrate five years of marriage, as well as one of the main engagement gemstones of choice by British royalty. From Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, who married in 1923, and was given a  platinum engagement ring set with a blue sapphire and diamonds, to Kate Duchess of Cambridge, married five years ago with a 12 carat oval sapphire ring, we can see that these beautiful blue jewels are royally on trend

The London Victorian Ring Co are fourth generation British ring designers with 125 years’ experience in creating beautiful vintage inspired rings using original designs. They have an extensive range of sapphire rings that are perfectly fitting for this royal occasion.
Make your proposal or special anniversary even more romantic by making your loved one feel truly royal with a stunning sapphire and vintage style design. Perfect for all brides wanting a sensational stand-out ring and a special meaning; make your partner feel like a queen and celebrate years of eternal love.

Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Ring in Platinum

A 2.02 carat sapphire is set in this Edwardian vintage style cluster ring and is surrounded by 14 round sparkling diamonds. A wedding ring is available that fits perfectly under the cluster.

Vintage Sapphire & Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring

This classic style sapphire and diamond cluster ring is set with an oval sapphire surrounded by a halo of 10 round diamonds in platinum. The diamonds are secured in an oval coronet setting. This cluster ring design has been made since the early 1900s and is still popular today.

victorian ring company7
Sapphire & Diamond cluster in Platinum | Vintage Sapphire & Diamond Cluster

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Victorian Sapphire & Diamond Carved Half Hoop Ring

This beautifully carved sapphire and diamond half hoop ring is in the Victorian style of the late 19th century. The ring is completed with eight small diamond points set between the larger gemstones.

Vintage Sapphire & Diamond Cluster in Belle Epoque style

This elegant vintage ring is set with an oval blue sapphire surrounded by 12 Edwardian-cut diamonds. A further three diamonds are set on each shoulder. This ring is made with the gemstones set in platinum, leading to an 18ct yellow gold band.

victorian ring company3
Victorian Sapphire & Diamond Carved Half Hoop | Vintage Sapphire & Diamond Cluster in Belle Epoque style

See more beautiful Sapphire rings and further collections including the floral, Art Deco and Victorian collections from The London Victorian Ring co.